Microsoft Is OK With Free Live Gold Accounts

Is Microsoft OK with people having free Live Gold accounts? Apparently they are.

An Xbox Live gamer, who we'll refer to here only as 'H' to preserve his anonymity, has found the secret to free Live Gold forever - and he's shared his secret with 360 Rant Rave. We'll be sharing the how-to of this process with you as well, but there is a catch! Keep reading to learn more.

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toughNAME3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Yeah, and HOME will be released before the decades end..

MikeGdaGod3882d ago

i already got it so.........

btw i didn't hit disagree........even though i do

kapedkrusader3882d ago are Xbox 360 Live subscriber numbers apparently. Sounds like MS doesn't care so they can keep chanting, "10 million registered Live users".

Frag Monger3882d ago

The point is that there are a bunch of free Live Gold accounts out there & MS doesn't seem to mind/care. Either they've decided to just let this small group get away with it & not care, or they truly don't need to be charging $50/year for Live.

Personally, I don't mind paying it. I think having Live as a pay service keeps out a lot of the 'rif-raff' you find on the PlayStation network (& yes, I'm speaking from 1st hand experience), but many consider the fee unjustified - or at least too high (i.e. want a lower annual fee).

SL1M DADDY3882d ago

Speaking from experience I can say that the 50 bucks has not at all limited the "riff-raff" on Live. In fact, wasn't it Live that was recorded then posted up on YouTube when it came to the massive cussing, gay bashing and otherwise racial slurring online gaming community? Yeah, that's what I thought...

Frag Monger3882d ago

SL1M DADDY, you are a fool if you honestly think that stuff doesn't go on in every online gaming community - not just Live. It was simply featured on Live, becuase Live is the largest online community there is - by FAR.

Since people must pay for Live, however, these issues, while prevalent, are less prevalent than I've experienced on PS3. Part of that is due to the fact that people don't want an online account they pay for to get perma-banned.

SL1M DADDY3882d ago


Less prevelent... You're funny bud. Sorry, but in my experience, there are bad seeds on both and your trying to say that Live is better makes me laugh. Live is worse than the PSN by far when it comes to the American Idol wannabe, cussing little fools that won't keep their mouths shut.

iiprotocolii3882d ago

I'm not sure whether you're a 360 fanboy just wanting to rant negatively on the PSN, nor do I care, but I must say that I play on both online services and will tell you that even though I pay 50 a year for Live, it doesn't by any means improve neither security, fun factor, or racism/immature bashing on any level. And MySpace is the largest online community there is... and if you're talking about in regards to gaming, World of Warcraft. Let's not get over our heads. Live is good, but it doesn't - in any way - improve anything because I pay 50 bucks a year. Sorry.

dantesparda3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Cuz I find way more racist little white boys from America on Live than I ever have on PSN, but then again NOBODY talks on PSN, so i wouldnt know how racist they are

And for anyone thinking that Im America hating, Im American, but i call it like i see it. Oh and $50 bucks a year to improve the "rif raff" situation, well I've paid them $150 already and it only seems to be getting worst.

nutjuice3881d ago

Live players are way more obnoxious than the freeloading players on PSN, but when you are paying for the chance to play like the people on Live you have a right to behave the way you want.

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FAT MAN GO BOOM3882d ago

That is why you have to pay 50 bucks a year to play online... PSN may not have all the answers but it is free and works well....

Live is good but not worth 50 a year...

Sayai jin3882d ago

How long have you had an XBL gold account?

Bnet3433882d ago

Of course PSN is free, who the hell would pay to use PSN?

xhairs3881d ago

I wouldn't mind paying with all the upcoming additions to the PSN it's actually making it worth paying for. A free online community that rivals SecondLife...hell yeah I'd pay for that. The ability to show how much of a gamer I am with an ID card...that could be much created from any website.

kingme713882d ago

Ah, some people get lucky... what are you gonna do. Just the other day I took my kids to Epcot and we wanted to ride Soarin but there was a 90 min wait. My kids had their poor puppy dog eyes on and the lady working the line slipped us 3 fast passes and we were on in 10 mins.... sometimes you win sometimes you lose.

In any sense $50.00 is only about $4.00/month. I never really thought Live was that expensive. That's what, practically a gallon of gas these days?

Frag Monger3882d ago

Oh man. Don't get me started on gas prices! lol

I agree though - $50/year is less than .13 cents per day. Most people 'waste' that much money on snacks/sodas/other crap anyway.

And for the PS3 fans touting home.... Will it ever arrive? It's just been delayed yet again (and will do nothing to alleviate the problems PSN has due partly to it being free).

SL1M DADDY3882d ago

Can I barrow that crystal ball you have? Since it seems to work so well with your predictions for Home... Thought maybe I could try it to see when MS ever plans to fix their broken console design...

Frag Monger3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

LMAO. What prediction? Home HAS been delayed yet again - until Autumn of this year (i.e. 4th quarter of the year).

That's not a prediction - it's FACT.

P.S. The 360 has been fixed. Do your research.

INehalemEXI3882d ago

I enjoy both PSN and XBL. I spend more time on pc and psn then xbl though so IMO it should be free.

360's RRoD still all the time I know of 5 GS buds who have problems right now and they are going to miss GTA IV launch.

example He was the loudest one about anticipating GTA IV too.

SL1M DADDY3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Here, let me point out your prediction:

"and will do nothing to alleviate the problems PSN has due partly to it being free"

So, what you are saying is that you saw the future and have made the prediction that Home will not in fact help the PSN at all?

You truly are a fanboy and need to find the Open Zone next door. ->

HyperBear3882d ago

And your not a fanboy.....?


FF7numba13881d ago

$50 is $50. dont give the cents or dollar a month/day foolishness. When you walk in to gamestop you give them $50 not some cents or dollars.

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