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gaffyh1778d ago

This was obvious, and I figured as much when Kojima came out on stage at MS' conference to announce MGS on the Xbox. He didn't mention any exclusivity on stage, and I knew that meant that there was exclusive content for the PS3 or PS4.

AntoineDcoolette1778d ago

Uh, not that I'm against the notion of PS exclusive content as its my console of choice, I feel that you're really reaching out there.

gaffyh1778d ago

How is it reaching if it is true? The fact is that MGS is a major PS franchise and has always done very well, so why would Kojima want to anger that fan base. It just makes sense to offer something exclusive for the PS platforms financially, because I am 100% sure that MGSV will sell a lot more on PlayStation than on Xbox. Similar to Final Fantasy in that sense.

AntoineDcoolette1777d ago

^ its reaching out there because you didn't know if it was true. You assumed it because Kojima did not announce exclusive content for the Xbox brand.

gaffyh1777d ago

It was a prediction. Reaching is saying something like Xbox One will outsell PS4 in Japan. That's reaching.

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Muffins12231778d ago

So is metal gear solid ground zero and phantom pain the same game or are they different games?

Gridloc1778d ago

I believe ground zero is a downloadable prequel and phantom pain is a full disc based game.

Abash1778d ago

As if I needed another reason to play Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation. Awesome news!

Dread1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

It is good news for sony fans, but I remember how all the sony fans hated on ms for getting excluisve deals. so what gives?

I smell some hypocrisy.

If i am wrong, can somone explain the difference please.

Pro_TactX1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )


How is it that people still don't get this? It is only hypocrisy if the same people who were against the practice then are now supportive of the practice now. Unless Abash himself is such a person, there is no hypocrisy in his comment.

Edit: @Dread below

I will tell you where you went wrong in your comment. You said *all* Sony fans hated on MS for the practice. You can't possibly know all of the Sony fans, so that statement can't possibly be true.

Dread1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

I did not mean Abash specifically, so if that was what was understood i apologise. I meant N4G comments as whole during the past five years.

tracyllrkn1778d ago

Yeah, you're assuming all PS fans are alike, which is definitely not the case.

Magicite1778d ago

the game must have been exclusive to ps4 in first place

Godmars2901778d ago

Joust so long as that content isn't exclusive to only the PS3 or PS4...

LOGICWINS1778d ago

Most of the people who care about MGS are on Playstation. Thats where the franchise started. Why give Xbox only gamers this content when most of them don't give a hoot about the MGS franchise?

Lowsnamebrand1778d ago

before anyone brings up Metal Gear started on MSX, He distinctly said MGS, as in Metal Gear SOLID. Sorry, people love to Grasp At the MG series, in retaliation to someone saying metal gear solid started on PS

LOGICWINS1778d ago

No problemo. Never hurts to be specific.

Nujabes_1778d ago

By your "logic" Konami shouldn't release MGS5 on the Xbox One since no one cares about it.

supraking9511778d ago

lol I'm pretty sure majority of Xbox fanboys said, "Enjoy your movie" when talking about MGS

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The_Ozymandias1778d ago

what exactly do you think "Exclusive PS3/PS4 Content" means?

LOGICWINS1778d ago

Im realizing now that Godmars just wanted to get a reaction out of people. False alarm.

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