Twelve Minutes of PS4 Exclusive Knack’s 1080p Gameplay Shown in New and Impressive Video

PS4 exclusive and launch game Knack has polarized the opinions of many. Half of the gaming population seems to love it, half seems to hate it.

Here's a new gameplay video video to help you decide which side you're on.


The video has been removed, but an alternative has been found and replaced.

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Septic1710d ago

This looks really good visually.

Abriael1710d ago

I agree. The level design and lighting are awesome, for what I'm concerned.

Game-ur1709d ago

The gameplay looks solid, a game doesn't need blood splatter and decapitations to be great

jhoward5851710d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Oh yeah..the visual are incredible isn't it.

I love the isolation atmosphere on one level...reminds me of metroid.

Guys, Knacks look a lot better in person...the video is not even close to how it loos in person.

I was sold after playing it...the next day I went to game stop and brought knack.

despair1709d ago

I was sold since e3, this is my kind of game and I love the concept. Plus I'm getting it free from Amazon with the b2g1 free sale :-)

360ICE1709d ago

I agree. It did look better in person. However, there was a little lag in the build I tried. Really hope they get that sorted out.

Godhimself_In_3d1710d ago

I agree with you. This game has grown on me. I played it at gamestop and it reminded me of one of the games rare used to make on n64. Im sold.

ForgivenZombie1709d ago

I think they need to make more games like this, it's a nice break from fps and racing/sport games. I think platformers still have a place in gaming.

Xsilver1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Play this game on the hardest difficulty i promise you will get that Crash bandicoot feel atleast that's what i got and i enjoyed it.

I_am_Batman1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

A lot of people are underestimating that game. From what I've heard it can be pretty challenging.

I'm very excited about a new platformer from Mark Cerny personally.

Volkama1709d ago

When this was first shown I kinda figured the visuals on this one would creep up on people. It's a good looking, stylised game.

Not one I personally want to buy, but like most people say I expect it'll be a PS Plus candidate relatively quickly so I might dabble one day.

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Riderz13371710d ago

Wow this actually looks awesome. Playing Co-op with my little brother should be a good time, but I fear all he'll do is try to attack me instead of the enemy ^^

ipach1709d ago

good times good times...

The_Ozymandias1709d ago

This game reminds me so much of crash and spyro it's not even funny. I'm normally not drawn to games like this, but that nostalgia is a bitch.

daedra1709d ago

It looks nothing like spyro or crash, I had them

The_Ozymandias1709d ago

Here's a little secret: So did I, as did millions of others. Maybe it doesn't remind you of them because they left a different impression on your mind...but the gameplay, the process of collecting of pieces (or apples in Crash's Case or Gems for Spyro) the style of the enemies and level design, as well as how you move through the world, they're all undeniably reminiscent of those games to me.

chrissx1709d ago

I have a Knack for good platformers,and this is 1

_QQ_1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

shame because its not a platformer but a character action game, ask cerny... on topic game looks fun,not something i would buy the console for but would def play when i get a ps4.

bjmartynhak1709d ago

I'm glad to see some platform elements in this video. But yes, it is mainly a brawler.

_QQ_1709d ago

all my disagrees for saying nothing negative lol even though i am right.

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