Polygon- Madden 25 feels meaningfully distinct from current-gen to next

PG:Madden NFL 25 on next-generation consoles is more visually impressive than its current-generation counterpart, with details like crowds and sidelines rendered in full 3D — that much is expected. But in a brief hands-on session with the PlayStation 4 version of the game yesterday, we noticed some gameplay improvements that could turn out to be meaningful markers of the arrival of the next-generation.

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patsrule3161779d ago

"And as for differences between the PS4 and Xbox One versions, associate designer Patrick Bellanca told us that he believes it wouldn't be possible to notice any even if you had them running side by side.

HELLO!!!!! The Xbox one has the coach glass app for Madden 25 that is exclusive and PS4 won't have it. Coach glass will work as your defensive coordinator. The XB1 cloud will keep track of the plays you run in on-line games and remember the formation and who you went to. The Coach Glass app will tell you what play your opponent is likely to run and suggest plays to stop it. That is a MAJOR difference between the XB1 and PS4 version.

spaceg0st1779d ago

Easy tiger. When he mentions comparing them side by side, he's referring to graphically. You are free to untwist your panties now

DEEBO1779d ago

remote play vs smartglass

no brainer here,remote play wins.

smartglass can't compete with the vita sorry to tell you dude.
just co-op with the vita and ps4 locally is a great feature.
no more split screen.

bigbearsack1779d ago

When you look at your plays you need to pick a lot faster since your eyes are away from the tv.

Akuma2K1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Still won't believe anything EA says until i actually see it in the game, not to mention wanting to see if a real halftime and postgame show finally added.....will find out in 3 days.

MadMen1779d ago

2K We need you to save the Football Game Market.

NYC_Gamer1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

I haven't bought Madden in years/refuse to waste 60 bucks on that garbage..I am a big NFL fan but can't justify supporting EA with their non existent efforts on gameplay.

Akuma2K1779d ago

Agreed......the football videogame genre is definitely on life support.


yeah and that really sucks for me cause football games for years were the most games games i played. ive played the heck out of almost every football game for damn near 30 years. EA has really fkd me

Akuma2K1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

I hear you, i'm still getting madden25 just to see if EA will continue the same lackluster half a$$ approach with the game in this next gen and if it's the same as usual i'm done with football period until 2K comes back if not with NFL 2K15 hopefully APF 2K15 and moving on to baseball with MLB 14' The Show.

DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

but damn i love pro football..........ive had to settle with half assed for so long that im getting angry

edit: a whole fucking 8 year generation of half assed

rainslacker1778d ago

I decided to only buy one football or hockey game per generation. This is because it's enough to satisfy my football/hockey gaming needs. They all play the same, and I don't really care about teams or players so roster updates are meaningless to me. I figured I'd start early this time with Madden 25, but since it was sold out in the B2G1 from Amazon, I might just wait till the next one, which will hopefully have more next gen improvements.

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