GotGame: Review | Wii Fit U

GotGame: After taking the Fit Meter around with you during the day, you then get to sync it to the GamePad by pressing a button and facing it towards the IR blaster of the controller. Once it’s synced, your data is then shown in Wii Fit U, which updates your stats screen.

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inStereo1741d ago

This is cool -- now if I could only find a store near me that sells the Wii Fit U Meter! Seriously, BestBuy doesn't have it, Target doesn't have it - Amazon is sold out... there's a few places on Amazon that sell it, but marked-up considerably. What's the deal? Any suggestions? I'm in Austin, TX.

Ramon3MR1741d ago

The easiest way to get one is through Nintendo's online store, as they do have them in stock. Check it out here:

Neonridr1741d ago

I got mine from Future Shop up here in Canada (similar to Best Buy).

I agree with the above poster, you can get it from the Nintendo store.

Neonridr1741d ago

I got it for the wife actually, I haven't had a chance to try it out. She will get more use out of it than I will. I usually end up playing the minigames on Wii Fit, lol.

AWBrawler1741d ago

I want it for myself. I'm starting to get out of shape