Left 4 Dead presentation – streaming audio and new shots

VG247: Valve's zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead, was shown off today at EA's spring showcase in London in stellar form and of course VG247 was there to get it all.

For streaming audio of the entire presentation, hit the play button on the site. Loads of info in there on the "AI director", ten new weapons, persistent ranking and more.

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InYourMom3886d ago

Lame that this is audio only. I mean what are people supposed to get from hearing a video game?? ugh. Those don't look like screenshots either but some renders.

This game should bring Zombie killing to a whole new level! I can't wait to play as the infected and run some mofo's down. Another game to add to the growing list.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33886d ago

After he butchered TEAM FORTRESS and badmouthed PS3 I will never play another one of his companies games again. FYI HL2 is overrated!

That might change though if they can deliver on a Counterstrike Sequel.

KyonoRocks3886d ago

Damn if I met anyone that could butcher something and turn it into pretty much the best multiplayer shooter ever released (It is to me anyway!) then I need to go to Valve HQ for my Christmas Turkey

Boldy3886d ago

Well, he gave us a rough release month (could always get pushed back though. November '08

Defectiv3_Detectiv33886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

In the old one the levels were much bigger, every class had at least 4-5 weapons, every class had nades, you could prime your nades, medics could use concusion grenades to boost jump(lotta fun), there were a hell of a lot more levels,

Have you ever played the original Team Fortress!?

It is easily one of my favorite all time games. I still like it better than the new TF. It's kinda like how Quake3 is the best even though their have been like a dozen more iterations since it came out.

kwicksandz3886d ago

Tf2 is the biggest fresh game ive played in years. Not giving every class grenades only cut down on gren spam and half the players in old TF didnt even know what each kind of the grenades did and not every class needed 3 rocket launchers and 2 shotguns.

Tf2 makes classes like the scout, medic and pyro worth using and has far better designed maps. If you have only played the ps3 version your impressions may be soured towards it but the PC version has some of the best multi player in gaming history.