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Why the PlayStation 4 is slanted

Console makers are supposed to make hardware that is both attractive and practical. You want easy access to USB slots and the power button, but you also want to enjoy looking at the big box stuffed next to your television for the next five to 10 years. Sony claims that the parallelogram look of the PlayStation 4 serves both schools of thought. (PS4, Sony)

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GribbleGrunger  +   501d ago
Because it looks as cool as James Dean's haircut.
Irishguy95   501d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(12)
Mr Pumblechook  +   501d ago | Funny
FACT: The PS4 is a slanted because the aerodynamic parallelogram design helps with the processing of all those 60fps & 1080p units.
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shivvy24  +   501d ago
you wrote the first part so maturely that's I did not see this part coming " processing of all those 60fps & 1080p units "
Mr Pumblechook  +   501d ago
Thank you Shivvy24, I just wanted to share a joke with you all!
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irepbtown  +   501d ago
Every time I saw Aoki I kept saying Loki... Toshimasa Loki.
Back-to-Back  +   501d ago
You have the mind of an engineer.
Mosiac77  +   501d ago
Because XB1 was sitting on top of it.
kingfetish17  +   501d ago
The "design" aspect also has to do with how the "numbers" are designed in the logos. The "2" in the PS2 logo had a "boxy" look. Therefore, the launch PS2 had a "boxy" design. The "3" in the PS3 logo had a "curvy" look, so the launch PS3 had a "curved" top and curvy features. Now, the "4" in the PS4 logo is naturally slanted, so it makes sense for the launch PS4 to have "slants" implemented into its design. It's really an aesthetically appealing design concept. Makes me wonder how the PS5 will be designed to look...
Ausbo  +   501d ago
i dont think either system looks that attractive.

They are both just "average"
KwietStorm  +   501d ago
Well I don't think either have some off the wall amazing artistic design, but the PS4 definitely stands out next to other media devices. We all knew the direction Microsoft was going, but when the console was actually revealed, I think it's design confirmed it.
AndrewLB  +   501d ago
I agree. Neither Xbone or PS4 are that good looking. Some conceptual renderings looked far superior to the end product. it's a shame too because my home theater receiver, a Harman Kardon AVR 3700 with it's upper half piano-black and lower half brushed black aluminum, is drop dead gorgeous.
Bathyj  +   501d ago
Its cos its so quick

It should be red too.
BBBirdistheWord  +   501d ago
Because Ken Kutaragi sat on it and squashed it?
SonyWarrior  +   501d ago
its slanted so it looks cool.
PiperMCFierceson  +   500d ago
Simple and straight to the point , love it.
sigfredod  +   501d ago
3 days to have this sexy, sleek beast under my TV
C-H-E-F  +   501d ago
Under? No, these sexy slanted beast will be right beside my TV. Every King needs his queen (TV, hence being beside the PS4) and every King needs his mistress (Vita). Now the grumpy dad (PS3) will be relocated to the guest room lOl.
sigfredod  +   501d ago
Yep already have a whole reserved space for her, just for that beauty
shivvy24  +   501d ago
already have a whole spot for my ps4, right next to my ps3
azshorty2003  +   501d ago
Built a custom entertainment center in my basement 2 months ago, and made sure to have a nice extra space reserved just for my PS4.

Even though the entertainment center has been 'done', it won't be 'Complete' for 3 more days.
ThanatosDMC  +   501d ago
Pfft... i dont know what y'all would use your PS4 for but mine will be next to me on my bed. Y'all are weird.
Leviathan  +   501d ago
Y'all are fucking in need of some time outside the house if ya ask me.
Back-to-Back  +   501d ago
Someone has been watching to many occulus rift videos Mr Thanatos.
Soldierone  +   501d ago
Reminds me, I need to figure out where to put it. Maybe under my PS3 since I have no room elsewhere. It'd be on top if the PS3 wasn't curved at the top lol
JeffGrubb  +   501d ago
Dat lean. Dat swagger.
ShinMaster  +   501d ago
I don't know why I'm glad you said swagger instead of swag.
_FantasmA_  +   501d ago
WTF language are you speaking?
stavrami  +   501d ago
it was originally boxed but the machines so fast and powerful it moulds itself aero dynamically slanted on the way to the shops 0.o
Mogwai  +   501d ago
pimp lean!
mayberry  +   501d ago
Saw one video that showed it flat, on the edge of a table! It was obviously the way Sony intended it to be displayed. The angle of the front of the console looks amazing, flush on a black stand! It was an official Sony video.
KwietStorm  +   501d ago
Where the hell is this video?
mayberry  +   501d ago
Imho on my tablet, but it was on IGN and was a sony video. It looks great on a table edge!
KwietStorm  +   501d ago
Imho on my tablet? What?
mayberry  +   501d ago
-I was on my tablet- It has a messed up predictive text! sry!
The ps4 on a black table edge is the "look" Sony was going for. very high tech looking and sleek. Most of the shots we have been seeing has been of it being handled and turned around, Clearly what we wont be doing with it the majority of the time.
Sheed  +   501d ago | Funny
it's shaped like an eraser so it can erase the xbox one from existence.
kenthegreat1  +   501d ago
Pffft, that's good.
georgenancy  +   501d ago
for the futuristic look i guess
georgenancy  +   501d ago
haha so many troll comments,loving it:)
Tidybrutes  +   501d ago
I really like how the PS4 looks, I really hated the first gen PS3 and had no interest in getting on until the second gen was released, and much prefer the second gen PS3 to the third.
ParanoidFreak  +   501d ago
I'll probably get flack for saying this, but I really, really dislike the design. Maybe seeing it in person will change that but I doubt it.

Anyways very excited about the console itself though.

OK, send the onslaught of dislikes!! I'm ready!
Jury  +   501d ago
FullmetalRoyale  +   501d ago
Well they aren't dislikes, they are disagrees. As in they disagree.

That being said I agree. I don't care for/about the design of PlayStation 4. Mine arrives on Friday and I just don't care that I don't like the *slant. Same with the DS4. I actually don't care aesthetically for the DS4. But all of the improvements will add to my enjoyment. The rubber parts at the base, the concave analogs, the touchscreen.... I don't like how it all looks together, but I am SOOOO excited to get my hands on it.

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MidnytRain  +   501d ago
No, they're "dislike" buttons. People just hit when they simply don't like what you're saying. Or they just don't like you.
iHEARTboobs  +   501d ago
Yeah I think it's kind of a butterface. Still getting one though. :)
BBBirdistheWord  +   501d ago
Not sure I like it either.

It looks like a slim ps3 that was sat upon by Ken Kutaragi, who used to be father of playstation until he got 're-assigned'.

I guess he didn't like being left out.

explains why it looks so squashed
Akuma2K  +   501d ago
The PS4 slanted design is truly next gen, has a futuristic look like star trek next generation.
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KwietStorm  +   501d ago
Star Trek actually looks pretty damn old by today's standards.
Akuma2K  +   501d ago
I was using the enterprise starship as a comparison model, the captain kirk era compared to the capt picard era.

PS3 design- capt kirk era starship

PS4 design- capt picard era starship
mistertwoturbo  +   501d ago
I didn't like the design at first, but after awhile it looks good mostly because it stands out and is a unique design. It isn't just a giant rectangle box with vents with a motherboard in it.
hazelamy  +   501d ago
it does make it look a bit more interesting than just a box.

of course what it looks like should be of secondary importance, behind what it can do.
Grave  +   501d ago
High speed, low drag.
Killjoy3000  +   501d ago
It's also to prevent the vents on the back of the console from being covered in the event of an un-educated consumer sliding it all the way back in their entertainment system.
The Meerkat  +   501d ago
Good answer. I'm sold.
OMNlPOTENT  +   501d ago
I'm not too impressed with the design nor do I dislike it. I think it looks better when standing up vertically though.
MCTJim  +   501d ago
Ok, read the article and if those are the reasons...fine with me.
mochachino  +   501d ago
I would have preferred rectangular as I'm not a huge fan of the design but I won't be spending much time looking at the console so who cares.
kingPoS  +   501d ago
The PS4 seem to be in perpetual motion. The King approves

Gateway MT6706 2008
azshorty2003  +   501d ago
I thought it was just a pretty design. But after reading the reasoning, it makes sense and is even sexier.
NextGenHorny  +   501d ago
The PS4 is slanted to not look like this kind of products:
Phoenix76  +   501d ago
i'd rather have that funky 80's future look, than the backwards 80's Betamax or VHS look :D & I loved TRON!!! lol

PS4 ordered.
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DEREKTROTTER  +   501d ago
because the japanese love slanted, always will.
TenBensons  +   501d ago
Do I detect a racist undertone?
Back-to-Back  +   501d ago
That's uncalled for.
zippycup  +   501d ago
i need a new tv i have the PS3 on HDMI 3 but don't have an HDMI 4 were am i supposed to plug in the PS4
Something that I haven't really heard people say that I myself notice with the design, is that due to the slanted architecture on the backside of the console it's now much less likely that your ports get clogged with dust along with the vents.

the slant at the top of the ports and vents are seen as some type of "roof" that will allow the vents to release hot air properly and the HDMI, Power input, etc connections free of dust that can be quite annoying.
jacksjus  +   501d ago
The one advantage that can't be disputed is the X1's system looks better.
BlackTar187  +   501d ago
bad troll attempt
jacksjus  +   501d ago
Not trolling that's my opinion. The X1's shell looks good. I'm not feeling the PS4's design. I thought the slim looked good.
Back-to-Back  +   501d ago
Let me guess and you love the giant box on wheels(aka Hummer) too.
Hicken  +   501d ago
Hey, I'm a fan of boxy styles on cars(the original Hummer included).

Frankly speaking, though, the XB1's design is uninspired, at best. On the other hand, dat PS4 lean.
ufo8mycat  +   501d ago
jack probably has a thing for fat chicks also.
jacksjus  +   501d ago
Yup. Jus like to momma. Haha!
BlackTar187  +   500d ago
I think you need to learn the difference between YOUR OPINION and CAN'T BE DISPUTED.

Its obvious you lack the skills to continue this conversation any further.
PharaohX  +   501d ago
While I will own both consoles much like I own the current gens. I prefer the Xbox 360 over the PS3 in day to day functions and playing online. With that said I looked at the PS4 unboxing and was really impressed. Simplistic and yet well designed. I felt that a lot of thought went into developing this console. Its so small and the fact that there is no power brick is really undeniable. Looking forward to Kinect 2.0 - This winter will be the best ever....
KillrateOmega  +   501d ago
All it needs is a cane propped under the overhanging side and it would totally be rocking the pimp lean.
oof46  +   501d ago
I thought it was because it didn't drink it's V8.
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