Five Reasons Why It's Hard to Play Old Video Games

Gameranx: "Some of us never had the chance to experience some of gaming's classic titles from the past. Here are reasons why it's not so easy to enjoy these titles."

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gillri1710d ago

I usually dont go back more than one generation, unless its a 2D game or its an old PC game when mods can sometimes ease the passage of time

ArchangelMike1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Games generally age very badly, simply because the medium advances in leaps and bounds, both graphically and technically, e.g. in A.I. improvement, number of players, multiplayer advances etc.

Playing Half-Life now for the first time just will not have the same impact anymore, especially if you've played any good narrative driven FPS. Playing Metal Gear Sold 1, or Resident Evil 1 or Tomb Raider 1, will not inspire any of the same emotions that it would have done back in 1995, in someone who plays them for the first time now. They would already have experienced so much more in modern day gaming.

However, the nostalgia factor in those people who played those games when they first came out is phenomenal, and simply cannot be recreated.

A few modern games however have evoked those same powerful nostalgic emotions. COD4, Bioshock, Uncharted 2, The Last of Us etc. etc.

Hopefull Next-Gen will take it all to the next level :)

StillGray1710d ago

There's only a few old games I can go back to: Fallout and Baldur's Gate (and their sequels). I can't seem to get into older games I've not yet played for some of the reasons described in the article.

Stick891710d ago

For me it comes down to controls/camera, they just seem so janky after a generation has passed and totally kill gameplay for me. Graphics I can't get past, but those issues I just can't.

The_KELRaTH1710d ago

I still go back and have a blast on my old Atari 8-bit computer (or use s PC emulator). So many totally unique and addictive games not seen on any future platforms.

wishingW3L1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I can play anything from NES and onward because nostalgia helps me enjoy it. I beat the first Dragon Quest game on Nes last year and I'm playing Suikoden I and II this Thanks Giving since I'm not getting a PS4 until around E3 2014.

But I do understand that playing old games for someone that never played the system when it came out must be really hard. Except for some titles like Mario and stuff which even modern indie games still use as reference for their 2D gameplay. It's kind of sad to think that many people will never experience games like Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve or FF6 though just because of archaic graphics.

Snookies121710d ago

Chrono Trigger and FF6 are fine though, as they were still in an era of pixel art. Which can still be enjoyed quite a bit these days. Something like FF7 though for instance will always have hideous character models lol. So I feel worse for people going back to try and play a game like that. Even if it was so freaking amazing for its time.

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The story is too old to be commented.