Turn Based, The RPG Podcast 26: Everything You Need To Know About Astral Terra

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: Welcome to another episode of our RPG podcast Turn Based. We've been having guests appear on the show pretty frequently, but this is a very special episode as we have our first RPG developer appearing on the show. Tethys Interactive is the company behind voxel-based fantasy RPG Astral Terra: Adventures on the planes, which currently has a kickstarter campaign active. It is also on Steam Greenlight.

We interview Chris and Amy Wightman from Tethys to learn more about the game and the experience it will offer to gamers. We also delve into the background of Tethys Interactive and how they came to exist. Chris and Amy even reveal what other game franchises they love playing, and what inspires them.

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This is a good podcast called Turn Based.