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Submitted by Nineball2112 745d ago | article

The PlayStation Vita is the little handheld that could — and just might — succeed

Like the noble ape, the PlayStation Vita has evolved. A second iteration of the handheld system, dubbed the PlayStation Vita 2000, made an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show last September sporting an improved interface and battery life. While tweaks to the game system were expected, the juicy part of the news was the release’s caveat: the Vita 2000 will not come to the West. (PS Vita)

KrisButtar  +   745d ago
I wish my Vita could get some use but my eyes have gotten worst and the screen is to hard on my eyes, now if I could connect it to my TV. I would begin buying games for it again.
Death  +   745d ago
I had the same bitch with my PSP. Then I got bifocal contact lenses. Huge difference. The only thing the Vita is missing is games. Sony has 17 studios and the best they can do is port over console releases. How can Sony expect third parties to take advantage of the platform if they don't support it with unique games that take advantage of the systems capabilities. The most exciting things announced are the redesign and ability to do remote play from the consoles.
mikeslemonade  +   745d ago
You know even though remote play is a overlooked feature, I think it will be great so I can lay down on my back and play PS4. Also usually I can't sleep as well I go from a sitting activity, so if it's 3am and I want to play a game I probably won't get done until 4am and then I must do something else for 30 minutes to fall asleep. With the remote play and me laying down in bed I will probably be asleep by 3:45am which is a good thing.
KrisButtar  +   744d ago

I still play my PSP a lot but its hooked up to my TV with com cables.

I think the Vita does have some great games but console ports are not going to sell well on the Vita, when you can just remote play the PS4 version. Remote play kinda forces 3rd parties to make unique experiences or at least spin off titles because why buy the Vita version when you can buy the PS4 version and have it work on both systems is going to be the question when the Vita comes out with the next Fifa or Madden.

I find we rarely ever get new game announcements from around this time till the new year. It was like that for the couple of years.
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HardcoreGamer  +   745d ago
i have been playing the games for last few months

muramasa blade
dragons crown
killzone mercenary

and man on man, i have yet to finish them, online on killzone is unique, and quite fun

4v4 sucks tho, should be 16 players 8v8, but isee what they did with the 4v4, its suppose to be like survivor
TwilightSparkle  +   745d ago
I think it can I think it can :)
SonyStyled  +   745d ago
ah! i see what you did there!
Seraphemz  +   745d ago
i think that the remote play feature is going to catapult its sales. Its an amazing feature.
ar00043  +   745d ago
Well said, I can see Sony offering a bundle with ps4 later at some point.
Death  +   745d ago
I don't see how remote play will do anything for sales. What is the point of having a next gen console to play on a small screen? The WiiU comes with a second screen controller that use can use to play games on. Not exactly tearing it up in sales. Besides, Sony loses money on hardware. Selling Vita's for remote play is almost suicide. Sure, you can fill your Vita up with games from PS+, but that won't keep the lights on either.

The bottom line is software sells hardware, not the other way around. Make games and hardware sales will follow.
Protagonist  +   745d ago

It is a feat. people (according to several forums) love, but it does not mean it is meant to move retail PS Vita´s.

May not be exciting for you, but it is for me and literally thousands of other gamers.
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Seraphemz  +   744d ago
If i am home, i will play on my TV. But I love that I can be out and about, and if there is wifi..i can still play PS4 games.

Also, when my wife wants to watch TV, i can be right next to her, playing on the Vita.

Its a great feature. Sounds like you are just trying to downplay because you dont like Sony.
Death  +   744d ago
I have a PS3 and a Vita. I also have a PSP, multiple PS2's and original Playstations. I also own multiple Sony Blu-ray players. If I didn't like Sony I would probably buy a lot less Sony products.

I simply don't see the value in buying a top tier HDTV and new game console to play on a much smaller screen. Playing games off your PS4 on a Vita over wifi long distance sounds interesting. Let me know how it works when you get a chance. That actually sounds like a nice feature as long as lag isn't an issue.
byeGollum  +   745d ago
I lost interest in my 3DS when I got a Vita :/ one thing is for sure, Sony will continue to support it, no matter what.
Neonridr  +   745d ago
Love my 3DS, waiting for Zelda to drop next week on it. Vita looks good, but not enough games interest me at the moment.

I do love the Off Screen feature with my Wii U, so when I do get a PS4 early next year I may consider a Vita. But that's another $200 on top of the $400 for the system...

Still, I do believe that with the arrival of the PS4, the Vita will definitely start to do better.
Bart  +   745d ago
i luv my vita
Scatpants  +   745d ago
One of the first things I'm going to do when I get my PS4 is try AC4 with remote play
etownone  +   745d ago
With dual analog sticks....

Why o why aren't there more great FPS....
ONLY good one so far is Killzone, and it's amazing.
tiffac008  +   745d ago
Not sure if the handheld alone can succeed like we want it to but I do believe the Vita TV can make good head way for the device, if Sony does plan to sell it world wide.
Death  +   745d ago
VitaTV is Sony's Roku for selling SonyTV subscriptions. I don't see how selling VitaTV will help Vita sales at all.
prodg52  +   745d ago
You just said above that software sells systems. Vita TV uses Vita software.
Death  +   745d ago
Vita also used Vita software. How does hardware sell hardware? Software does indeed sell hardware. VitaTV is hardware that plugs into your TV. You can use it to play some Vita games, remote play and also access SonyTV when it comes out along with Hulu, Netflix, etc. In order for it to move Vita's it would have to sell software to attract developers to make games that make a Vita worth purchasing. It's hardware to move software to move hardware. Have you any idea how hard that would be to actually do? Sony is stuggling with the Vita and software already. VitaTV isn't the answer that Vita needs.
tiffac008  +   745d ago
Well as its stands right now there isn't enough hardware sales for the devs/pubs to even localize games for the system. The VTV with its price range could re-vitalize the system and answer the call of the gamers who wants to connect the Vita to their TV.

Its also seems to be the system that Sony will push first in China and try to enter the market over there. Not sure how that will play out on a country that pirates almost everything but at this point Sony has nothing to lose because the price cut can only get you so much. The system needs another boost.

This would be the case of selling more hardware, to get more software supports then sell more software to sell more hardware. Tall order indeed. lol!
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