Call of Duty: Ghosts' Spawning Could Use Some Work

Kotaku shows us of a recent video showing gamers laughing and raging about COD: Ghosts' spawning problems.

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Mikelarry1470d ago

Some you say how do IW explain how i kill someone for them to respawn right behind me to kill me. i think the spawn system needs to be redone from ground up as with every iteration of cod it gets worse

Wikkid6661470d ago

Maybe the random respawn perk? Its the dice looking one on the bottom

Mikelarry1469d ago

Aaah you might be on to something. Thanks for thw reply

Prototype_79L1469d ago

Team deathmatch is for pussies, mindless shooting, no tactics. Go play the real men's game mode, the SD or at least any other OBJECTIVE based game, and this won't happen.

snitch_puck1470d ago

Nah. Wrong spawning doesn't matter if they plan to beat GTA!!...

hint: *sarcasm*

zeal0us1470d ago

Several games later and spawning still needs works smh.

Einhert1470d ago

A certain other military FPS certainly needs work in this area to.

In fact screw these military shooters.

solidworm1470d ago

Just played this crud. Thought id gone back in time to 2007 lol

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The story is too old to be commented.