Castlevania: Mirror of Fate HD Review - Angry Bairns | Laser Lemming

Laser Lemming Writes "Despite the 3D models and 2.5D perspective Mirror of Fate HD is in fact a very traditional Castlevania, with most of its cues taken from the series pre Symphony of the Night. Although there are upgrades to be found and hidden chests that boost your health and magic meters, the game’s focus on combat over out and out exploration, and multiple player characters make Mirror of Fate feel more like a modern day Rondo of Blood or Bloodlines than SOTN or Dawn of Sorrow.

On the whole, the game is mostly unchanged from the original 3DS version, which, depending on how you feel about it, is either a good thing or a terrible thing; in short if you hated the game previously this version will do little to change your feelings."

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