PS4 Launch Lineup Mega Expose

Josh of GeeksPodcast runs down the entire PS4 games lineup to find out what you (And he) should be checking out this Friday!

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Grave1772d ago

Ok, to be honest I am only really excited for Killzone Shadowfall and Warframe right now. I think after a few weeks and months when War Thunder and Planetside 2 are up and running, along with the other announced exclusives, gamers will start grasping how strong PS4's lineup is. I am also expecting E3 2014 to be even bigger than E3 2013 for Sony.

Sadist31772d ago

You should try Battlefield online. You'll never play another online FPS again.

geekspodcast1772d ago

I'll have to check it out! Thanks for reading the article and the comment :)