Why War Thunder works for PS4 — and not Xbox One

Xbox One is not the right platform for War Thunder.
That’s what Anton Yudintsev, the CEO and president of Gaijin Entertainment, told GamesBeat in a discussion about his free-to-play combat flight simulator, which is scheduled to release on the PlayStation 4 before the end of the year.

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KrisButtar1779d ago

I like the idea of cross platform play

Maddens Raiders1779d ago

The picture used is hilarious.

C-H-E-F1778d ago

I didn't notice it until I read your comment, MY OH MY. BOMBS AWAY!!!

Phoenix761778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Have tried Portal 2 on PS3? Can play with Steam User's(PC Gamers) :) very enjoyable. And its free of charge :D

3-4-51778d ago

War Thunder on PC is awesome. Should be good on PS4 also.

JoGam1779d ago

So mad this got delayed. Day one!

Septic1779d ago

I've got a War-thunder bandanna oh yeah!

isa_scout1778d ago

Yeah I didn't even realize it wasn't a US launch title until I read this article. Now I'm sad :(
Game looks killer though. Oh well, at least WarFrame is a launch title, that game looks freakin sick.

sigfredod1778d ago

It's a launch title, and european release title :)

millgate11778d ago

Yup! I sure hope Ground Forces will be released by then.

GmIsOnPt3601779d ago

warframe coming to xbox one, decend hand of kul, Killer instinct,project spark, world of tanks... many more to come free to play games are ftp style on xbox/xbox 1. More on ps4 for sure, but less top tier online titles for sony so....? Ps4 allowing cross platform is awesome though, kudos for wise on DC f2p game as well

Parapraxis1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Warframe isn't confirmed for XBOX One, just to clarify.

qu1ckset1778d ago

I've actually used both DS4 and XBO controller , I'd i was a 360 gamer and hater DS3 and I will say this the dualshock 4 is a much better controller for fps (in my opinion) and with PS4 most likely to have a bigger install base and a much better controller for fps I can ps4 getting much my FPS in the long run!

Yes XBO has Titanfall but I can get that on my PC and by no means is that going to win the console war , still excited to see what halo 5 brings tho, if halo looks good and XBO has a price drop I might consider it.

Friday needs to come faster!!!

thisismyaccount1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

F2P on XB1 aint the same as F2P on the PlayStation 4. Difference is... to play F2P Titles on the XB1 you are required a gold membership (50 bucks a year), only then you can play War of Tanks (free of charge on the PC) on the XB1.

On the PS4 you don´t have to pay any fee, for any F2P announced titles. No add. fees for watching Hulu, Netflix and what not... and more importantly not getting bombarded with annoying ads (PAYED ones!)


mistertwoturbo1779d ago

“Microsoft is much more close-minded than the Sony guys,” he asserted. “It’s really hard to get a free-to-play game on a Microsoft platform; you need to talk to them on a case-by-case scenario. And they’re not allowing cross-platform play at all. That means, in the current stage, [Xbox One] is not really the right platform for us.”

It's strange how everything is so reversed this generation. Sony learned from their mistakes with the PS3, and Microsoft is making Sony's mistake.

cleft51778d ago

I read that statement as well and for me that was the most telling thing a developer can say about Microsoft.

BABY-JEDI1779d ago

Hopefully there will be more PS4 vs PC games out there. I wouldn't even mind a PS4 vs XB1 now that would be real console wars LoL

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