Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Map Names Leaked

Gameranx: "Modern Warfare 3's Dome set to return according leak images from PC playlist."

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snake_eater1736d ago

So the game just came out... did they removed those maps from the game to sell them as dlc?


GortJester1736d ago

Actually, to be fair, this Call of Duty has the most maps at launch of any COD. Although I agree, it does feel like dlc is just what you said for most games lately.

GortJester1736d ago

I forgot facts don't matter to trolls.

colinf4381736d ago

This makes me happy. I enjoy playing ols maps(:

famoussasjohn1736d ago

Ya but you shouldn't have to pay for them again. although Dome is already in the game, it's the one with the hot dog stand, same exact layout just different setting. If they bring back Dome again, I'd be pretty upset because you have that crappy map twice now.

jackdaddy1736d ago

Map #1 Re-hash-alution
Map #2 Re-texturation
Map #3 Ripoffyouall
Map #4 Havana laff