Xbox One’s Dashboard in Action Shown in Two New Videos, Showcasing Snap and Personalization

Microsoft just released two new videos showing Xbox One’s dashboard in action. The first showcases Yusuf Mehdi as he demonstrates how to use the Snap feature, while the second has Major Nelson talking about personalization.

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Goku7811774d ago

I've been dealing with MS products for a long time, and to me all this battle for the living room snap stuff is just Web TV reborn. Yes I owned that too.

JimmyLmao1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

judging from the top video.. is it just me or does Forza 5 look nowhere near as good as it did when they first showed it at E3

GarrusVakarian1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I thought the same thing, but i didn't want to say anything because im planning to buy it XD.

Maybe it was just the map/weather on the game (grey clouds) not making it look appealing? I don't know.


So any person who thinks/says anything negative towards the X1 or its games is trolling......sigh.

Mikelarry1774d ago

@ jimmy

yeah noticed some jaggies on the vehicle

@ lukas

dont blame you some fans get high blood pressure just stating fact from what you can see from the video

Convas1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Still looks amazing. Lots of veiled concern trolling I see.

Septic1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Yeah Forza does not look remotely next-gen there in the first video. Wtf is up with that chrome paintjob? Ugh.

Second video is much better though.

But the snap feature and UI is amazing on the X1 man. Seriously, people are downplaying it and all but come on, that is some impressive stuff.

Apex131774d ago

I was thinking it looked very horrid. They are showing a lot of CGI and then the main game in training mode at that looks harsh.

MasterCornholio1774d ago

I remember that some people at beyond 3D are claiming that certain aspects of the game are upscaled to 1080P but I don't know if that's true.

Nexus 7 2013

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N4realGMRZ1774d ago

Game looks fantastic it all depends on the tracks. some tracks are bland in nature and some look amazing.

Bundi1774d ago

Okay but cboat said...

GarrusVakarian1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

The snap feature seems pretty cool, especially for internet help. There have been so many times ive wanted to google something while i played Skyrim or Fallout and had to pause it and switch over to my PC.

But.....the whole "watch TV while you game" thing....why would you do that.....or HOW would you do that? I just don't see the point, you would have to take your eyes off the game or in other words stop playing it, so wouldn't it make more sense to just turn the game off and watch TV on its own? Id rather be A. Fully engrossed in a game or B. fully engrossed watching TV. Just my opinion.

slate911774d ago

Cant speak for everyone, but im most excited for watching tv and playing games cause on sundays Im always torn between nfl redzone or gaming. But now I can watch nfl redzone at the same time and Im pretty excited about that. Or any other programs that are on. This feature is nice as hell in my opinion.

TRD4L1fe1774d ago

My thoughts exactly! Being able to watch football and play a game at the same time is a big selling point for me and why im getting the XB1. High resolution can only get you so far but having a console that can do everything XB1 can, now that puts a smile on my face

GarrusVakarian1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

But how are you going to do that? You will have to actually take your eyes off what you are playing lol. Its counter productive imo.

You can even see in the video that the car is going off the track when he's looking at the TV part.....i can only imagine this working on a SP game where you can stand still in-game and not have to worry about being shot...or driving off the track...or anything else. I just personally wouldn't want half of my attention on each thing. But hey, each to their own, i just thought that if you wanted to watch something so bad, you would just quit the game and watch it and vice versa.

TRD4L1fe1774d ago

@ Lukas_Japonicus

All you have to do it pause the game and then look at the game

HxCGamer1774d ago

I feel so spoiled to have 2 TVs in my living room! We actually use both on Sunday's for football... Redzone in one and a full game on the other. GOOOOO PATS!

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xPhearR3dx1774d ago

Probably the same people who use the feature to watch 2 channels at once on TV. I mean, if you're a sports fan, you could always play your games while having the game on to the right. That way while you're waiting in a game lobby or something you could snap to the right to hear the audio, and during play keep an eye on the score and what's going on.

mcstorm1774d ago

I see what you are saying about why would you watch tv when playing a game but for me I often have a football game or program on the tv and play a game on the Wiiu pad or Football manager on my tablet so being able to play Forza but have soccer Saturday on the same screen is a good idea for me. Yes its not for everyone but better to have the choice than not.

Grown Folks Talk1774d ago

Depending on what you're playing, you can just pause the game to pay attention to the tv. Most will probably be more listening to the tv, waiting to hear something that draws particular attention. We all multitask. Dabbling with our phones/tablets/ect while we watch tv. Don't know why when it comes to Xbox One, all of a sudden everybody has a singular focus.

GarrusVakarian1774d ago

I guess i can see why some people would find it useful, "Most will probably be more listening to the tv, waiting to hear something that draws particular attention" that part especially.

But when it comes to gaming, i admit i have a singular focus, the game.

Nujabes_1774d ago

People like you are strange. People that dislike a feature just because they "don't get it". If it were for people like you we would still be playing games with cartridges.

GarrusVakarian1774d ago

Don't quote something that i didn't say. I said "I just don't see the point". There's a difference.

I understand the feature and since i made my first post i have had a few people explain to me why they find it useful and have since then said "I guess i can see why some people would find it useful,". That's called having a discussion.

But i still personally don't find it appealing. Just my opinion.

BattleTorn1774d ago

I agree with the full attention/ immersion to only one thing.

But I have friends that watch / game - all the time.

n4rc1774d ago

That's what I was going to say.. Sports mostly..

Pregame lobbies, stuck in spectator etc.. Gives you quick and easy access to your normal TV channels... Personally im super pumped to get my hands on this.. Even how he mentions alot of this is designed for busy people.. Makes it incredibly simple to jump on for 10min when you get a chance.

All also admit that forza clip was very lackluster... May be in part to the track and weather etc

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whitefang19881774d ago

I might be in the minority but I really like it, after having been used to both current gen I think this is a nice step up especially considering its the first iteration and like this gen I'm sure will be upgraded through the years

OlgerO1774d ago

Cant xbox hire some likable characters to do their PR. They are showing some cool stuff but major nelson makes me cringe.

Blaze9291774d ago

no, because contrary to you sony fans - no one actually has a problem with MS and their employees. Sure we don't treat them like gods like *cough* Yoshida..but they're still cool "regular people"

n4rc1774d ago

What's wrong with him?

He has a horrible fake smile.. But that's almost reassuring to me, he's not a slimeball car salesman or an actor... Seems like a pretty decent guy along with the ms staff that gets camera time as well..

Urzusix1774d ago

I think with the way he was controling that car, he just proved why you wouldn't do any of that why playing a video game lol

jackanderson19851774d ago

he was also presenting to a camera... unless you do that on a daily basis i doubt you'll have that issue

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