Ryse: Crytek Explains Why Its Xbox One Exclusive Is More than Just a Graphical Showpiece

If you’re paying attention at all to Microsoft‘s Xbox One launch spread, you’ve seen Ryse. It’s the console’s debut showpiece, the platform’s visual pièce de résistance, the thing you’re going to fire up and fool around with come Friday, November 22, telling yourself that this, this is why you paid hundreds of dollars for a next-gen system.

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Loki861739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Excellent interview really like how in depth they got with these film crews and mo-cap studios.

EDIT: Sorry according to the disagrees I guess I didn't enjoy this, sigh trolls.

gta_manic1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Welcome to n4g

But game looks good but just seems like a showcase game no matter what they say, although thats kinda what most launch games are, showcasing the power of the consoles in one way or another. Just seems like crytek does a lot of graphic heavy games with at times seems like a mininal gameplay focus, doesnt make it bad just wish gamplay matched the visuals.

syne491739d ago

The agree disagree system is stupid at best. Best to just ignore it as best you can.

zeal0us1739d ago

The disagree have very little affect on you. It the bubble down where the real damage is at.

AceBlazer131739d ago

Don't think of it as agree/disagree think of it as likes and dislikes.So people dislike that you enjoyed it, kinda sad but makes more sense at least.

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n4gamingm1739d ago

switching game pre orders from dr3 to this for sure.

zerogotit1739d ago

No get both. You dont want to miss out on any of these 2

Convas1739d ago

This. I guess because I played the game at the Atlanta Xbox One tour I have a different opinion about Dead Rising 3, but Digital Foundry's hands on has changed nothing.

I had a lot of fun with my hands on of DR3. Nothing can change my opinion that I'll enjoy the full game.

Wikkid6661739d ago

I'm going to get Ryse for sure... but I think I'll wait till the price drops.

the worst1739d ago

wasn't this a kinect game????

xPhearR3dx1739d ago

It was suppose to be the first killer app/hardcore game for Kinect on 360. Glad they axed that idea. However, since I'm not getting an X1, I won't be able to play it. Had I got one, I would have most certainly picked this up.

Dread1739d ago

I wan thtis game, however, I will wait for the revews before getting it.

On the otherhand DR3 and Crimson Dragon are day one for me!

NeoTribe1739d ago

I'd aay your safe with those two games. Dont let crytek fool you into getting ripped off. There games are not the greatest.

Deadpoolio1739d ago

Hey now Crysis 1 was great....

Dread1739d ago

Crytek is not fooling anyone. If you have any doubts just rent it or wait for the reviews.

I enjoyed Crisis 1 and 2, so I am looking forward to any of their games, I think they ar egreat developers. However, since there have been conflicting previews, i think it is prudent to wait.

syne491739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I could have Crimson Dragon alone and be satisfied with the One. It will be the first thing I get when I purchase a One sometime in the next few years.

hankmoody1739d ago

Not getting this day one but after watching Ridley Scott's Gladiator over the weekend, I'm actually beginning to wish I'd preordered it.

Hercules1891739d ago

I dont think it has a lot of preorders, you should be able to pick it up at launch. It looks like one of those games that are a sleeper hit that will spread by word of mouth.