Privacy Cover Announced Exclusively For The Kinect 2 By Interworks Unlimited

Interworks Unlimited, leading multi-platform gaming accessory developer, today announced the InterWorks Unlimited Xbox One Privacy Cover accessory for the Kinect 2. This is the designer’s first peripheral for Xbox One, the InterWorks Unlimited Xbox One Privacy Cover features a sturdy design that installs around the embodiment of the Kinect 2 Camera providing a lens cover for quick access to motion gaming or privacy protection whenever you need it.

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theRell1779d ago

lol I've seen it all now.

xPhearR3dx1779d ago

Hey, you can pay $20 to cover your next-gen Kinect up!...........or just turn it around. Decisions, decisions.

minimur121779d ago

I don't get the use of the word 'exclusively'... of course it's exclusive, it's like me saying Dualshock 4 charging station announced exclusively for PS4, it souns sillly lol

Yodagamer1779d ago

But it can still hear you O.o (puts on tinfoil hat)

xPhearR3dx1779d ago


My guess it because they're not making it for Kinect 1.

Magicite1779d ago

The question is - why do you even buy a device you DONT WANT to use?
I mean why are you forced to buy?

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Mr_cheese1779d ago

not exclusively!!!! :O hahahaha

Deadpoolio1779d ago

You can't just unplug it, Microsoft already confirmed that IF a game has even the smallest bit of kinect required that you will have to plug it in.

Which just means Microsoft being Micro$haft they will make sure that ALL first party games require Kinect and pay the 3rd parties to add just enough that it's constantly plugged in

xJumpManx1779d ago

Seems cheaper to aim it away from you then buying this.

SteveQuinn1779d ago

As the article says "The InterWorks Unlimited Xbox One Privacy Cover provides needed protection from dust, fingerprints, and scratches."

Which is great :D

wicked1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

wont this stop the IR blaster working? I hate it when these companies make money from the uneducated, they will have a lid to go over the PS eye next (an eye-lid).

MASTER_RAIDEN1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

would be a nice idea if you really want to keep your stuff organized. having to unplug it after every use or turn it around can get messy from time to time cause lets be honest, we do get a bit lazy every now n then.

but $20? its a molded piece of plastic for God's sake. really shouldn't be more than about 5 bucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.