How PlayStation 4′s play-as-you-download feature works

Sony sat GamesBeat down for a demonstration of how the play-as-you-download feature works for a title like Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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kenthegreat11682d ago

Next-gen consoles giving download-as-you-play is good and bad; I used to make sandwiches and brew beers during the downtime for those.

xPhearR3dx1682d ago

So download the part you're not going to play right away and do those things. Win-win.

Vitalogy1682d ago

LMAO have a "Funny" bubble sir :)

wita1682d ago

This is great. Now hopefully system updates will work the same way. -__-

Rainstorm811682d ago

U read the system updates will turned off in stand by mode so annoying system updates should be less of a problem...except for day 1 of course

TheGrimReaper00111682d ago

They said updates will download and install in the background
If you are on the PS4 home screen, it will refresh after the install.
If you are in a game, it'll do that in the background

Deividas1682d ago

I thought the Playstation app launches tomorrow? The article states friday....

Riderz13371682d ago

This was done for the Last of US wasn't it? I think I remember downloading only about 60% of the digital game and then I got to play while the other 40% was still downloading in the background.