Capcom Clarifies: Dead Rising 3 Never Prototyped For Xbox 360

Gameranx: "After talking to Team Xbox, devs realized their vision was only possible on the next generation system."

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Xwow20081654d ago

After they said DR3 is 30fps locked, capcom has a credibility problem.

phoenix_dusk1654d ago

This only makes it worse.

Goku7811654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

If it wasn't its sad that it still looks like a game for 360, but with more things happening on screen. Its 720p with sub 30 FPS at times.

christocolus1654d ago

Cant wait to play this game..its going to be so much fun.

n4gamingm1653d ago

well i have to say if it was on 360 i would still buy it seeing ass i own all the dead rising it does suck that its not running at a steady frame rate

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