A game for the fastest hands in the office

"TypeRacer is a wonderfully addictive Web game that pits random groups of players against one another in races to tap out famous quotes from popular movies (and the occasional book) as quickly as possible," writes a Globe & Mail game reporter. From his review:

"A chill ran down my spine when I realized I recognized the first eight words. I knew this quote off by heart. It was from Rick Dekkard's monologue at the end of Blade Runner, his "I don't know why he saved my life..." bit.

This was my time to shine.

I watched the countdown with anticipation. I was off and typing.

My fingers were a blur as I punched out Harrison Ford's memorable lines. There was no way I could lose. I was pumping out more words per minute than ever before-and making no typos, to boot.

After about ten seconds, I snuck a peak at the racetrack, and my heart sank. Maddawg was destroying me. He was a full car-length ahead. Determined, I sent all my energy to my fingers. They moved with minds of their own, seemingly finding letters and bits of punctuation all by themselves. It was Zen.

But it wasn't enough. Despite my personal best of 91 words per minute, Maddawg left me in his tracks with a blistering 136 wpm."

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