Assassin's Creed IV Is Probably The Best Game In The Series - No More Gamers

No More Gamers

Having recently finished AC IV: Black Flag, the latest installment in the yearly Assassin's Creed franchise, I feel as if my faith in this franchise has been restored to an extent after it was severely damaged by the poorly executed Assassin's Creed III.

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Mikelarry1739d ago

personally i much preferred AC2 to be fair i haven't played 4 and don't ever plan on playing it. some might say "well go play it before you judge" but i never played two before i knew i was really going to enjoy it. i watched the trailers especially the one below and i knew right then " yup this game is for me". with 4 nothing i mean absolutely nothing inspires me to even want to go back to the franchise which is really sad as i loved the series.

AC2 destiny trailer

Gizmomen1739d ago

I though that way as well, You have no idea how many times I had to think over my decision to buy the game, but I'm glad I did.