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PS4 to comfortably outsell Xbox One over next 4 years, IHS forecasts

CVG: IHS forecasts 49 million PS4 sales by the end of 2017, compared to 38 million Xbox One sales. Harding-Rolls said: "IHS believes that Sony's wider geographical brand allegiance - especially across continental Europe and Japan - will be decisive in allowing PS4 to outsell Xbox One on a global basis by the end of 2017. (PS4, Xbox One)

edonus  +   408d ago
This is interesting, I still dont see how.

I see the Ps4 starting out the gates with a bang, but after that ... what. The Ps4 lacks weapons. Anyone thats not just automatically going Ps4 and on the fence I dont see why they would go Ps4. Once these machines are out and the propaganda goes away I really dot see what they have to fight with.

I know the sony camp will say exclusives from all of the 1st party studios. But reality shows MS has a much better average with their exclusive offerings. They made less and sold more. So its really a draw on the games. Each has the same level of potential to deliver.

Now the thing MS has is its feature set and access to other audiences and genres through kinect. Just Dance fitness games motion controlled games that all belongs to MS this go round and with those casual you get access to some core gamers. And this is not even counting if Head tracking and the Hybrid play of Crimson Dragon and Kinect Sports rivals catch on.

Then look at the features set all that TV TV TV TV stuff sounds clever but everyone needs a TV to play their console and if the X1 features catch on like the set top boxes and smart tvs are set to do thats another automatic win for MS.

As for games... wait until the dedicated servers for all the games start showing the performance boost in online games on the X1.

I can see Ps4 at BestBuy looking good showing off some game, next to the X1 showing of a game that looks great and no one in the customer ear trying to explain to them that there is a difference in the native resolutions. I see some kid getting scanned into kinect sport rivals at the demo station and the system multitasking and changing channels with a gesture or just saying it. Really what does Sony have that will compete with that.

Sony has to try and rely on the assumption that it has so much more power even though you cant really see it unless you get close and squint. Like I said I just dont see what moves after the initial push.
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come_bom  +   408d ago
"PS4 to comfortably outsell Xbox One over next 4 years, IHS forecasts"

If Microsoft doesn't change nothing in the X1, then yes, PS4 will outsell it easily... but i suspect there will be changes in the fist year (and beyond) of the X1.

EDIT: ... and when i mention changes, i mean: price drop, kinektless X1, better offerings in XBLA Gold (similar to PS+)... and more exclusives, big exclusives to compete with Sony's first party. If they only release 3-4 decent exclusives per year like they did with the X360, then they will most likely lose.

At this moment the PS4/PS+ looks like a better deal for the future then X1/XBLAGold, in spite of the X1 having a better launch lineup then the PS4.
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NewAgeisHere  +   408d ago
Even with changes....anything less than a 2:1 ratio worldwide in favor of PS4 would be a shock to be honest.Xbox has to gain ground in the US first.
InTheLab  +   408d ago
I think the tough thing for most to swallow is the fact that there are simply more PS gamers out there than Xbox.

It is the reason why the PS3 at a higher price sold in 7 years what it took Xbox to sell in 8.
OlgerO  +   408d ago
If xbox droppes kinect then what does it have going for it that can sell some systems
Gster  +   408d ago
MS really shot themselves in the foot at the beginning of their launch by including kinect and making it mandatory. With the 500 euro asking price, if they were to slash kinect now, they would have to make the console price point equal to PS4's or lower. And being an inferior console I think they would have no choice but to sell a kinnect-less console at approx 50 euro less than Ps4's to have any chance of maintaining an equivalent sales ration with Sony.

But u also have to consider how much money was invested in the production of kinnect. I heard it even cost more than or close to the development of the console itself. So tbh I can't see MS going kinnect-less any time soon. It would mean loss of sales on kinect and huge profit losses for the console, if it were to sell at 350 euro.
Ashlen  +   408d ago
Yea, I expect after about 6 months to a year Microsoft is going to come to every ones house and solder on a new gpu and better memory architecture.

a08andan  +   408d ago
Well the thing is, if you want to use your XboxOne for watching cable you will need a probably kind of expensive cable subscription. It is not like you can watch the big channels without paying for it just because you have an XboxOne. That is the main problem as I see with they way that Microsoft are marketing the console.
Imalwaysright  +   408d ago
You don't see how? €400 VS €500. That alone will make the PS4 outsell the X1 and being cheaper right out of the gate will ensure that the PS4 will be cheaper throughout the entire gen unless MS makes a kinect-less SKU. Then there is the brand power and of course Sony's 1st party. Also there is the superior versions of multiplatforms as well.

To sum it up the Ps4 has the price for the casuals and for the core it has the 1st/2nd party and superior multiplatforms.
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yellowgerbil  +   408d ago
Lol PS4 is better in everyway than the x1, so much so that the X1 of today is nothing but a poser ps4. They were 2 very different systems when announced. Now there is the PS4 and the MS4 (a shoddy off brand imitator)
Rainstorm81  +   408d ago
Made less sold more...

Exactly less to choose from equals sales are not split between multiple games

Motion controls are a fad that casuals wont pay 500$ premium for... we see this as the Wii sold great out the gate becuse it was 250$ ...Also Motion controls could be a fad that will be dying off but time will tell on that.

As far as TV features again 500$ premium to do what my cable box and Smart TV already does?

Xbox has an uphill battle for sure, Price will play a key role in this first year more than majority of the differences you stated
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NeoTribe  +   407d ago
You seem alittle slow. Its a fact sony cruahed microsoft in the games department for ps3. Look it up fool. Ms was all broken kinect shovelware while ps3 was shittin out goty games. Xbox fame is over with. Its all sony again like it use to be. Have fun with your family friendly dvr box that kinda plays games.
dmitrijs88  +   407d ago
X360 had everything to win current gen
PS3 ''failed'' hardly in first years
Question - how did PS3 win 7th gen(over x360)?

X1 is failing greatly even before launch
PS4 is going flawlessly into 8th console gen
Question - how can X1 win 8th gen?
Rainstorm81  +   407d ago
The answer to both is G-A-M-E-S
Bigpappy  +   407d ago
You are sooo on point with that post. I think a lot of the people disagreeing with you see the same thing too. They have convinced themselves that all anyone can want from a next gen console is 1080p and a few exclusive developers.

Xbox One has far better feature sets, which can be used to create mind blowing experiences that PS4 just has no way to counter.

PS4 might get out the gate fast, but Xbox will be very strong again in the same countries where they had the huge success this gen.

Ps4 secret weapon with be Japan again
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Hicken  +   407d ago
No... no he's not.

You know what PS4 has that XB1 doesn't have?

Naughty Dog.
Guerrilla Games.
Media Molecule.
Sony Santa Monica.
Sucker Punch.
Sony Japan Studios.
Sony Bend.
Sony San Diego.
Ready At Dawn.

Quantic Dream.
Arc System Works.
Level 5.
Tecmo Koei.
Namco Bandai.
Digital Extremes.
Idea Factory.
Compile Heart.

Okay, I quit. Tired.

Just some of the devs who've made or are making exclusive games for PlayStation consoles. And you can bet nearly all of them will be on board for the PS4, if they're not already.

By all means, what are these "mind blowing experiences" that can't be countered by the sheer amount of support PS consoles get?

And what makes you think Microsoft can hold the territories it took from Sony in the first place? Did you only just start gaming? Or have you just "forgotten" that THE WHOLE WORLD was Sony territory until recently? Yes, including the US.

Where does all this confidence in a product embroiled in controversy come from?
Goku781  +   408d ago
Whoever doesn't see this coming is in denial. Unless MS does like in the music business and starts buying their own product so they can say they sold so many.
Sky Lazarus  +   408d ago
Or if x bones break on people and buy multiples. Then ms could win.
DCfan  +   408d ago
Thats prolly their B plan.
Gore-Content  +   408d ago
You mean like this gen? Yea, that could happen.
come_bom  +   408d ago
"Unless MS does like in the music business and starts buying their own product so they can say they sold so many."

Seriously! Do you even read what you write? * sighs deeply and shakes head *
GuruMeditation  +   408d ago
It was clear what he was getting at. Don't be such a pedant.
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GmIsOnPt360  +   408d ago
Wii outsold 360/ps3...anyone care? next!
Jaqen_Hghar  +   408d ago
so far...
jackanderson1985  +   408d ago
the introduction of Gaikai would surely hurt the PS3 sales in the long run no? if you could stream your ps3 games then there'd be no incentive to buy the ps3 console or at least that's my take
Adropacrich2  +   408d ago
I know a few people that are currently holding out on xb1 but simply because they're happy to play 360. Others I know are buying launch day. This is fairy typical I'd be willing to bet. A number of them were fairly disgruntled at first with MS's direction but frivolous that we are, they're all perfectly happy now buying another xbox

Xbox will be just fine
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etownone  +   408d ago
Yeah.... I know many people in no rush to buy into next gen and are perfectly happy with their 360.

These same people will buy next gen when Call of Duty isn't released for the 360 anymore.
starscream420  +   408d ago
Zach is right. Is it possible that Microsoft will do much better once the Kinect proves to be worth it?
I think that's its reasonable to conclude we should give it a chance. Remember how well the wii captured people who weren't gamers attention? The big difference here though is the Xbox has the power and functionality that will in my opinion make it very successful. I think later in the console war Xbox will be ahead. I will have both so I will enjoy what both has to offer. If you can afford to do so that is the way to go.
MilkMan  +   408d ago
When Kinect proves to be worth it? In order for that to happen, Kinect would have to prove itself to be a viable gaming device and to be honest it cant be your favorite family gaming peripheral.
Nope, its gonna have to be a cornerstone on the FPS market for Xbone.

IF they can make that work, THEN you may have something.

Hold your breath.
starscream420  +   408d ago
I see what your saying.....I don't think Kinect will be the greatest at fps......but if Microsoft is able to capture the attention of even a quarter of the no gamers that the wii did then Microsoft will have done very well. Remember the One is a device that gamers and casual gamers will use. Imagine if the wii would have been comparable to ps3 or xbox 360 or had even something along the lines of PSN. Obviously they didn't so those casual gamers lost interest quickly leaving the sales 80 mill plus-but no sizable quality library of games. I think the Kinect has tremendous improvements. It will attract a lot of folks. Microsoft has the power and tools to be successful in this area were the big N failed. Yes I know most hardcore gamers don't dig the Kinect but then most hardcore gamers wasn't crazy about the wii either.....but most had one didn't they? My only point is there is a lot of potential for the one to go down the same road as the wii without the pitfalls
ShowGun901  +   408d ago
My only problem comparing wii/xbone is price... You can talk a non gamer into $300, but $500? I know non techies who won't spend $100 on a nice smartphone cause there's a free one, no less $200 for a top of the line one. I don't think ms can depend on casuals at that price point, it'd be a HARD sell.
InTheLab  +   408d ago
I think you're forgetting the fact that Kinect is already known to those interested in it. Many went out and bought a $150 Kinect based on promises of future potential and many of those Kinects now line the used shelves at Gamestop.

It's the same thing with the Wii and WiiU. Why buy the same product twice? Those casuals interested in Kinect and TV will not pay $500 for a console, especially when they just paid $150 for Kinect a few years ago.
MilkMan  +   408d ago
Easy to understand when Xbox/ M$ wants to be your favorite cable company marketed towards gamers.
And Sony just wants you to play your favorite games with the ability to use a random app here and there IF you so wish it.
The backwards compatibility plan alone speaks volumes to the gamer at large.
Its not the hardware since they are practically the same machine.
Its implementation and value for "GAMING" dollar.
Also, whats behind a pay wall and whats not.
quinten488  +   408d ago
The next 4 years and beyond
etownone  +   408d ago
I definitely see the Ps4 outselling the Xbox1

Biggest reason.... Price.

Why o why is MS forcing Kinect down our throats.

Kinect might be great for entertainment in the living room....
But not needed for kids that play on a smaller screen in their bedrooms, or college students in dorms, or someone like me that owns 3 Xbox 360's...
Sure I have Kinect in my living room, but I wouldn't want it in the bedrooms.

Ms will have no choice but to release a Xbox One sans Kinect in the future to stay competitive against the onslaught that awaits.
jackanderson1985  +   408d ago
or drop the price of the X1 to stay in line with the PS4 pricing model... i wouldn't be surprised if that by christmas 2014 the consoles are the same price... it's pretty evident the console was built with kinect in mind and i can't see them dumping it anytime soon... then again i don't work with MS so i could be completely wrong
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etownone  +   408d ago
They don't have to dump it...

But the Xbox One isn't the Wii where it was built for motion controller gaming..... MS already stated that Kinect can be turned off and it isn't needed for the games.... In other words, it's optional..
So why not give the consumers the option to buy Kinect if they really want it.
Foxhound922  +   408d ago
This seems pretty accurate. With the PS4 outselling the x1 even in the US, I don't see a logical explanation as to how the x1 can overtake. There's no head start this time around.
cyhm3112  +   408d ago
this analyst firm is very obvious pro-MS, very biased!!

They wish it is that close!!

More like at least 5:1
85:17 in terms of millions sold after 5 years
from the beach  +   408d ago
Bold prediction, I remember reading similar ones about PS3.

No-one can really say what the lay of the land will be in four years' time, I suspect PS4 will go ahead at first due to launching in more regions, while Titanfall, Halo 5 and a possible price drop will see the Xbox One gain ground in 2014. That's my expert analysis.
cyhm3112  +   408d ago
nah, it is too late to make a come back, unless they spend billions of money to buy the exclusives of the biggest franchises!! I have a suggestion for MS, buy take two and make GTA, Red Dead their own franchises!! This way they can really compete with PS4, otherwise no way!!!
etownone  +   408d ago

Seriously? Too late to make a comeback?
Your comment is up there with one of the dumbest comments I've read on N4G.

Considering.. Next gen hasn't even started kid!!
cyhm3112   408d ago | Personal attack | show
etownone  +   407d ago
Well... The last 3 gens, the "inferior" console ended up winning.

But, I must be missing something... Cause You obviously have super powers and know the future. How about you tell me if your always going to act like a little kid, or if one day in the future you start to make some intelligent comments.
SpinalRemains138  +   407d ago
Considering.. Next gen hasn't even started kid!!

No, yes it has, kid. Preorders are all gone. They're all sold out. Most of which are ps4. The Bone is already losing ground that it cannot make up.

MS has lost every Gen it has taken part in. Well, both of them anyway. They had many advantages during both and still could not outdo SONY in global sales.

Now that things are equal in terms of launch date, and SONY has every other advantage, just how do you figure the Xbox to compete?
starscream420  +   408d ago
Beach you are right this market is very unpredictable. In 2014 we will be able to truly compare the differences. When Halo 5 comes out a lot of people will buy the one no doubt.
noctis_lumia  +   407d ago
expect more games to follow this
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