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Ryse might just be the best looking game we've ever seen on a console. Developer Crytek has a long history of creating stunning looking titles in the Crysis series, but this really looks a cut above what we've witnessed elsewhere. Lighting reflects off armour beautifully, fire effects are a joy to behold while the art style is simply lovely. If this is what the next-generation is capable of, we're more than happy with the results.

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ZainabSaccal1773d ago

Ryse will be proof that the Xbox One can keep up with the PS4 in terms of graphical performance

cleft51773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

The best graphics in the world doesn't matter if the gameplay is terrible, which seems to be the case from everyone that has played it. That Game Informers preview was very damning. If Ryse is proof of anything, it's that the Crysis legacy of graphics over gameplay lives on.

HastaLaVista1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

The gameplay is similar to that of god of war, button mash wid quicktime events but i bet u wont diss that

ThatIrishGamer1773d ago

Yeah remember there are like 4 - 5 characters on screen at once and each zone is about the size of a small living room.

mhunterjr1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

That game informer preview is one of the only negative impressions of the most recent build. Gametrailers, IGN, Polygon, Kotaku, digital foundry and many others have been singing praises recently.

It appears you have selective memory...

CGI-Quality1773d ago

Sure it can "keep up" (the 360 kept up with the PS3, despite latter being more powerful). It doesn't mean it can pump out the exact same fidelity and the power difference will truly show its face later in the gen.

That said, this is just one preview with such a claim. What about Digital Foundry saying something different:

Eonjay1773d ago

Crytek has never focused on gameplay. Their hallmark is graphics and if this article is to be believed then it is a testament to Crytek as a developer, and not really a testament to the machine. After all, a studio as talented as Crytek can surely get the most currently humanly possible out of the machine.

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Rainstorm811773d ago

LoL you might want to play GoW....they look like they play nothing alike

clouds51773d ago

The first Crysis had amazing gameplay on PC. That's what it was intended for. Then they started tuning everything down to make it console compatible... And to be honest the graphics didn't really improve with Crysis 2&3. The levels just got smaller.

windblowsagain1773d ago


I'll fix that title first.

Best looking game on xbox one.

Then i'll put this here.

hat doesn't mean Ryse is a hack and slash game though, and it feels nothing like a God of War or a Devil May Cry. It's a much slower, more thoughtful affair which works well, however we're unsure if the combat will keep you entertained by the time you've reached the midway point of the game as fighting can seem like a tiring practice after the first few levels.

Try playing God of war button mashing and you'll get nowhere.

Game-ur1773d ago


That's like saying Haze is like Halo

Freedomland1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

6 out of 10

Well what can i say more?

heliumhead20301773d ago

God of war and uncharted play like crap. They wow you with varied animations dude. That's a fact. Ryse looks fun game play wise and spectacular graphics wise. There is no getting around that. You do have selective memory. This isn't E3

scott1821773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Well, in digital foundry's tweet they say Killzone is... I think Killzone is, other think Ryse is, yay for opinions. One fact that can't be debated is ps4 has much stronger hardware. I hope everyone remembers that now graphics matter, I hope people don't 180 that claim when PS4 starts slapping it silly...

"God of war and uncharted play like crap"
For real dude?

Rainstorm811773d ago

Uncharted and God of War play like crap but Ryse looks fun???

I know its all opinion but Wow!!!!!!! in done

mikeslemonade1773d ago

The graphical quality is not consistent. The game
just looks great in the first 5 minutes. Just like in Uncharted 2 in the begging and God of War in the beginning parts there's certain cinematics, camera angles, and polish that make the game look better than the majority of the game.

Soc51773d ago

That's unfortunate, if the gameplay was really good it coulda been a great game for xbox owners. I think it had a lot of potential. So much work in the graphics and voiceover dept u would think they would also beef up the gameplay. Imagine soul calibur type depth in this game? That would have been crazy.

4Sh0w1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Yeah I get attacked everytime I point out to those who scream "720p" or "900p" but we've seen all the games and theres really just no denying from a graphical standpoint Ryse has the best graphics. Its no coincidence so many hands on previews rave over Ryses graphics more than any other game. Personally I dont think graphics is everything but if you're going to sit there and talk about ha ps4 has more 1080p than X1 is perfectly logical to note that its not about just 1 spec and the end result shows better looking games can be made by push many aspects over 1 aspect.

Ashes2Ashes1773d ago

That preview you mention was the only one that was damning. Lately they have all been good since the turn around at E3. However, not all games are for everyone. That's why it is nice we can make our own decisions and buy games that look like a blast to us.

quaneylfc1773d ago

isn't that how people decide what games to buy now. it is definitely a case of magpie gaming. i hated bf3 ad that had hype from the first trailer- not because of the gameplay, because of the graphics.

every person that hates cod, likes battlefield and therefore likes shiny shiny.

im not a fanboy or nothing. im just saying i dont like big maps and thats the deal breaker for me.

Mister_Dawg1773d ago

Holy crap.

Have you actually spoken to everyone who has played Ryse?

That's a feat in itself.
Well done dude :-)

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Bennibop1773d ago

Maybe in the short term but I have seen nothing coming up on Xbox 1 to match the graphical fedility of PS4 second wave of games such as Infamous SS or The Order.

blackout1773d ago

Those games may get delayed, the new Sony mo. Don't down play killzone is all you have I understand how you feel. Just remember Microsoft from the start of the new next generation gave the gaming world a graphical beast on day one.

jimmyateham231773d ago

ryse looks better than infamous, the order on the other hand looks awesome.

christocolus1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Lol...have you seen quantum break? But dont worry by e3 next year i believe every first party dev will show what each console is capable of..bit its funny cos all i keep hearing from the other side is "wait till e3 2014 nd, ssm ,sony japan,sucker punch, qd, media molecule will show their stuff", "ms shot their wad too early nothing more to show"...but people forget that this time around ms also has bigger studios than before with multiple dev teams within those studios working on multiple unannounced projects. So while i agree that sony has those great devs, you shouldnt forget that ms has 343, rare, remedy ,blacktusk, lion head ,ms osaka , ms victoria, lift and soho..and these guys are also eager to show their unannounced stop making it seem like its only sony who has games to reveal...atleast its nice to know that aside these 1st party games ms also has and will continue to invest in more 3rd party exclusives which imo is a good deal for xbx fans.

shadyiswin1772d ago

youre talking second wave games lol,try having some first waves games first sony.......titanfall and halo 5 will destroy anything sony offers next year,period. Forza makes driveclub look like crap and ryse makes killzone look like a ps3 title,microsoft is doing just fine to not have the more powerful machine that is fully capable of doing everything,sony will be playing catching up for a while. Everything is an after thought for sony which would great if they were actually turning out titles but there not.

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imt5581773d ago

600 GFLOPS difference in PS4 favor IS NOT A SMALL GAP. Look what 60 GFLOPS difference in PS3 favor did between X360 and PS3 ( i mean with exclusives ).

Dread1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I have both and bought most exclusives for both systems and never thought there was much of a difference. Nuaghty dog's TLOU was probably the best graphically but not enough to conclude that one is much more powerful than the other. Both systems had their advantages and disadvantages.

I suspect this gen will play out very similarly.

Magicite1773d ago

Only recently saw Halo3, gosh, that looked like crap compared to Uncharted 2/3.

shadyiswin1772d ago

but did you halo 4? or even gears 3? saying halo 3 looks like crap makes sense,it came out in 2006 or 7,over 5 years ago,uncharted 3 came out 2 yrs ago,seems legit.

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Hercules1891773d ago

is not necessary to make a great looking game unless you have a 200" tv.

tigertom531773d ago

I thought Forza 5 was the best looking game....

Back-to-Back1773d ago

The bots just throw every game out there hoping one will stick. Ryse looks like an n64 game compared to what killzone sf is doing.

christocolus1773d ago


Ryse looks amazing and imagine how good the sequel will be or even halo5 from 343..or quantum break ?or just imagine how good rare ips would look especially if the rumors of rare reviving banjo and conker are true...damn. the xbx one will hold its own in its own unique way...1080p or not...the console is amazing..ryse prooves that already at launch.

isa_scout1773d ago

I'm getting sick of people talking about how good Halo 5 will look graphically. Halo is my all time fave FPS, but when the hell did any Halo game push boundries in graphics? Halo 4 was quite impressive given how Halo 3 and Reach looked, but it still didn't compare to about 90% of the other FPS on the market.
Halo is about gameplay.Period. That's why it's the best FPS because it focuses so much on having extremely well balanced gameplay.
Regardless of what Sony fanboys say I also love the story, and the books actually make you love the fiction even more.
I'm just as excited as everyone else for Halo 5, but I'm expecting quality gameplay, bigger worlds,smarter AI,improved,MP, and an awesome story. The graphics aren't supposed to look uber awesome, and I think that adds to Halos charm, and appeal.
I could give a crap what it's graphics look like I just want to find out if Master Chief can find a way to bring Cortana back from AI heaven.

christocolus1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )


Im a halo fan too..Halo was just about gameplay until 343 took it further with halo4..those graphics looked really amazing..right up there with the best.and that was on the xbx 360 on the old halo engine which 343 had to tweak ..its obvious the new guys at 343 know how to optimize hardware..and it will be amazing to see what they do with the xbx one using a brand new engine optimized for the new console..

isa_scout1773d ago

@ your response
I think Halo 4 looked better than ANY other title on the 360, but again I think that had to do more with artsyle than it's actual graphics although they were def a huge leap forward in the Halo series. Putting it's graphics up there with Killzone,LToU, or Uncharted though? Yeah, I don't really agree with them being up there with the best.Like I said though, I always felt Halo was more about it's deliciously smooth gameplay, and I can't wait to see where 343 takes it next. I just worry if there was enough turn around after they developed Halo 4 to actually take full advantage of the XOne. After all Halo 4 was just released last year. That doesn't give them very much time to discover new ways to push the XOne.Still think it'll be badass though. Not knocking you(and I didn't disagree)it's just my opinion, and I could very well be wrong.In fact I hope I am and Halos' graphics blow us both away.

chuckyj11773d ago

@ ZainabSaccal

All you mentioned was graphical performance. Something that cannot be denied. Just goes to show with all the "thumb downs" this site doesn't have very many "Core" gamers associated w/ this site. Core gamers rise above petty fanboyism and look at the truth.

Truth is weather you're an Xbox One fan or not Ryse will be one of the best if not the best looking game on either platform at launch.

My guess is gameplay will also be very similar to God of War as well...

This site is just full of Sony trolls that don't appreciate gaming...They just worship Sony...

nypifisel1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Huh? You go on record saying core gamers rising above petty fanboyism - including yourself I presume to later say something as stupid as: "Ryse will be the best looking game on either platform". Ryse got nice character models, but pretty much everything else looks old, if you knew how some of these engines actually work and what's actually impressive you wouldn't be saying that. Shadowfall is much more impressive from a technical standpoint (look at the new tech demo, it's quite good). Same goes for Forza which had to sacrifice so much just to hit 1080p.

I'm sorry but MS cheap out with the console hardware did very much damage the leap in graphics and performance and Xbox fans will have to live with it due to MS moving focus from games to media. It's already very present with almost every multiplatform game running at half the pixels to the PS4, it's baffling really.

Was it Albert Penello who said "Do you really think we will give our competition a 30% hardware lead?", and he was right, they didn't; They gave Sony a 50% hardware lead. Don't defend them, they abandoned you seeing more dollars somewhere else

chuckyj11773d ago


Are you stupid or something? Defending MS by saying Ryse looks like one of the best if not the best looking launch title? Something that has already been widely established is not faboyism. I didn't go into hardware specs where MS did shortchange their customers. But, that by no means mean you can't have terrific looking Xbox One titles case in point "Ryse".

Man talk about Sony worshipers... The person I was replying too made a simple comment that Ryse looked outstanding and the individual got lots of thumb downs in response... Whether you're an Xbox One fan or not Ryse in terms of graphics look GREAT.

Who was talking about hardware specs?

nypifisel1771d ago

I'm a PC exclusive guy, been that way since 2001. So. I can just make decision from empirical evidence, something fanboys can't. No one would declare Ryse as being more technical proficient than Killzone Shadow Fall. Ask someone who works with creating video game assets.

JackISbacK1773d ago

hey every fanboy just go in the preview lik and dont ignore the video below the articl and then comment that you all are blown,i saw that video fiest time and this looks fantastic.

Magicite1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Doesnt look much better than Beyond Two Souls to me =o.
Btw Sorcerer Tech Demo blows Ryse away.

Hercules1891773d ago

Yep compare games that are not controllable to a game that is actually a game. Not that I'm trying to bash Quantum Dream games,not my style, but its not hard to get those type of graphics when you see what they want you to see.

n4rc1773d ago

Gameplay isn't a matter of console performance.. And that's what's always in question here..

Liking the gameplay is personal choice.. But you can't suddenly say graphics don't mean anything when that's all you've been saying for 6 months...

Like the op said.. This game proves the x1 can keep up graphically. And it's beautiful... Gameplay reminds me of batman and I enjoyed that when hack and slash games aren't my go to genre.

2cents1773d ago

Doesn't matter how many arguments fanboys will throw at the Xbox one, the truth is that Ryse is the BEST LOOKING GAME on the new generation of hardware for launch.

Sorry if the truth hurts but the PS4's Awsome power is not being utilised well enough to trump the mighty Ryse!

50% less powerful console brings the best looking game to market for launch. Ouch. Fanboys gonna have a meltdown... Based on some of the comments above, it's already started!

10 Days!

MetalProxy1773d ago

Truth? ummm no. You xguys look really silly with this ryse nonsense. Looking forward to the reviews. Lots of tears there will be, uuurm yes.

2cents1773d ago

Yeah truth... That the Xbox has the best LOOKING game at launch.

Not the highest rated game, not the best gameplay. But the BEST LOOKING GAME. The Truth!

Your obviously a fanboy that can't see the wood from the trees.

I'm not a Xguy I'm a Gamerguy, that has both arriving on launch. But when my friends come over to check out my new toys, there will be only one game that I'll be showing off... Three guesses as to which game that may be?

Knack? No
Killzone mmmm close but no
Forza hmm maybe but no

Hmm now what would that game be?

GoodnessGreatness1773d ago

Bland gameplay though. And in the long run Xbox One will run out of new games to play just like Xbox 360 while PS4 will keep on improving game by game.

Trekster_Gamer1773d ago

Keep up and best any ps4 offering yet!

Christopher1773d ago

I always laugh at these titles. Best looking? For what? Facial textures? Environment? Detail?

People get into a mode of tunnel vision on what defines graphical quality and base it solely on that.

I can't say that Ryse does much other than character detail well at all. And, to me, that's not the best looking game. That's just focusing your graphics and hoping everyone only looks at that and nothing else (a la most racing games).

Ps4Console1773d ago

Wouldn't it be nice for a change that we could have great gameplay & great graphics .

popup1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

The 360 could run Ryse and 'keep up' with the XBoxOne if you ran it at a low enough resolution.

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Walker1773d ago ShowReplies(2)
JustPlay41773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I wouldn't say it's the best looking game I've ever seen, the faces are nice and have good details but the rest of game doesn't look as good.

PraxxtorCruel1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

"Best looking console game".

JustPlay41773d ago

"Might be the best looking console game" fixed it

and I stand by what I said even if i not just talking about console games

ChozenWoan1773d ago

"best looking XBOne game hands down!"

There I fixed it for everyone.

JackISbacK1773d ago

hey buddy just llook at environment you will found the diifernce cryteck aimed to have same amazing looking graphics to environment as characters will look ,just wait for lauch we will find out which is best looking ryse or kzsf

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HastaLaVista1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Ryse is looking rather good, thas not to say killzone ect look shit because it also looks good but as per usual u get all the sony fanboys diss any report with xbox in the name. Come on give it break.

SquidBuck1773d ago

I'm a sony fanboy I admit it, but I don't diss the xbox one. They're both respectable machines. The only problem I have with people arguing that the xbox one has better graphics and games is that sony has multiple first party studios that havn't even announced anything yet, like ND and Santa Monica, both studios of which create amazing graphics and gameplay.

HastaLaVista1773d ago

Ive a long time been on ps. I agree. When the next uncharted game comes out il b all on that, infact thats when il prob buy a ps4. thats y ive gone for xbox tbh first. I prefer the launch games, the dlc exclusives and my m8s are getting xbox. Ive had ps1-3.

Hercules1891773d ago

Theres also tons of games to be announced for the X1 too.