Amazon Upgrades PS4 Buy 2, Get 1 Free Game Promo with $5 PSN Store Credit


"Amazon Upgrades PS4 Buy 2, Get 1 Free Game Promo with $5 PSN Store Credit!

Adding further fuel to the sweet deal today on select PS4 launch games, Amazon is throwing in an additional $5 Amazon PSN Store Credit as well!"

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JoGam1472d ago

Sony and Amazon together is awesome. This Friday I will take advantage of this deal.

Sitdown1472d ago

Ummm, no you won't.

"Between 9:00AM PST on November 12, 2013 and 9:00AM PST on November 13, 2013, purchase any PS4 title below and get a $5 credit..."

user55757081471d ago

agreed just tried it within the time frame and its only for the $5 credit not the buy one get one free

xPhearR3dx1472d ago

Friday? It goes live today. With the PS4 coming out Friday. Buying a new system requires buying a couple games with it. There might not be any stock left by Friday. No one wants a shiny new PS4 with one game. They'll at least buy 2, and then on Amazon get a third one free. I'd jump on it ASAP if I were you.

JoGam1472d ago

I'm broke till Friday. Lol

xPhearR3dx1472d ago

Oh, in that case. Good luck lol

Amazon sent out B1G1 Free for pre-ordering a PS4 game on Sunday. I took advantage of that, and I know many others did as well. Now this sale happening today. You'll be lucky if they have a decent selection of games (which they're aren't many anyway) by Friday.

This is a last resort kind of thing, but you could always go to one of those places that give you part of your check up front for a fee. Considering $120 isn't a lot of money, you might pay like $20 depending on where you go. Not the best of options, but you'd still be saving $40 on a brand new game instead of paying $60.

b777conehead1471d ago

if there sold out in stores you can always down load off PlayStation store

gameseveryday1472d ago

Is this offer available for Amazon UK?

xPhearR3dx1472d ago

I don't believe so. Going to Video Game Deals on will bring the ad right up for it. Couldn't find it anywhere on Amazon UK. I'd say if they do have this deal, it will be closer to the PS4 launch in UK.