18 Underrated Hidden Gaming Gems Of The Current Generation You Need To Play

"They might not be the most technically accomplished, graphically-impressive, or immediately rewarding like the biggest selling titles of today or yesteryear, but many gamers remember a time when framerates and resolutions did not split the atom. From a world where gaming for gaming’s-sake ruled all, [Scott Taliford] presents those titles still worthy of your attention before our current consoles are reconciled to a life of nostalgic dust-gathering."

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jackanderson19851742d ago

the witcher 2 is underrated?

gillri1742d ago

I think he means 'under-exposed' or 'under-hyped' The Witcher 2 got very good scores

zeal0us1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Console-wise probably but pc-wise nope.

Syndicate didn't get a lot of attention because EA and Starbreeze change the way the game originally worked. Most of the old Syndicate players wanted a real-tactical game not some FPS with a cheap story.

I played and actually liked Alpha Protocol. You would've thought the game being that delayed that the problems that plague the game would be fixed.

I honestly wish WhatCulture would get a proper slideshow tool for things of this nature or put 5 or more items on one page.

ipconflict1742d ago

Nearly all of those games are awful!

Roccetarius1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Asura's Wrath was okay i guess, but the ''True Ending'' DLC was a terrible thing to do.

Alpha Protocol needed more development time. It was simply not ready for release.

The Bourne Conspiracy was actually pretty good, but i doubt we'll ever see the other movies converted.

Split Second was great fun as well, but Disney closed down the studio making it. If they had a chance to make another game, it could definitely improve the gameplay.

Singularity is yet another great game, having that Half Life feel mixed with some Bioshock.

Witcher 2 i just finished twice again, one time for both paths. The Witcher series is one of my favourite of all time, because the story is very well told.

Lost Odyssey was probably my favourite JRPG of this gen, but i wish MS had marketed the game better. It didn't get enough sales to continue the plan with a Trilogy. my opinion, the first game was better than the 2nd. The animations, story and overall gameplay was just better, along with the weapons and customization. Just look up the animations between characters in the first game, then the 2nd, the difference is noticeable.

Anyways, that's my little wall of text on some of the games. The rest of them didn't really tickle my fancy.

KentBlake1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I always say this on these lists, but:

THE SABOTEUR, come on! That game was awesome.

Lykon1741d ago

i think i tried a yakusa demo .. it was a bit button mash love you long time 5 dorrar sucky . jericho looks cool .