Now TV won't be available on Xbox One until summer 2014 in UK

Now TV, the pay as you go TV service offering access to subscription channels, will not launch on Xbox One until summer 2014, Sky has told

Microsoft included Now TV in its list of apps set to launch for the Xbox One between launch on November 22 and the spring.

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heliumhead20301736d ago

If this was announced for after launch, why does it get a article now

xPhearR3dx1736d ago

The same way MS and Sony announced the list of available apps on day one. If you're expecting/hoping for an app, it's good to know when you'll be able to use it.

heliumhead20301736d ago

It was announced for 2014. I dont get it. I submitted an article in regards to the ps4 launch voice commands that was posted this morning and it was denied for being old lol

SouthClaw1736d ago

I thought it was ridiculous that NOW TV gets an app at launch but Sky customers get squat. I hope we see a lot of good apps with Xbox One.

heliumhead20301736d ago

I dont know howntv works in the UK but can't you still send a signal through the HDMI in on the Xbox one

hazelamy1736d ago

you could always buy a nowtv box for a tenner.