New consoles from Sony, Microsoft on the way, but gaming isn't the same

The new video game consoles from Sony and Microsoft about to hit store shelves are almost certain to be hot holiday gifts this year. The uncertainty for the games business is: What happens after Santa leaves?

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Mr_cheese1739d ago

I don't for a second believe that consoles are being pushed out by the mobile market. The home console will stay for many, many years to come, it will just evolve and develop into something completely different.

give me The last of Us over angry birds any day.

SpinalRemains1381739d ago

Agreed. The idea that tablet or phone gaming is going to end console gaming, is not only wrong, but laughable.

Fads come and fads go. Console gamers continue to do so.

ps4lifesucka1739d ago

yeah but making stuff up is the next gen of journalism. It's way more profitable than the last gen of reporting facts.

Mr_cheese1739d ago


you sir have earned yourself a bubble

heliumhead20301739d ago

I agree. Ios/android gaming just won't be there for awhile. Its already sided significantly since the rush of call of duty ANS halo clone games. Touch controls are just too inconsistent and a physical add on for control is cumbersome. 360/ps3 gen sided in 2010 for me with a brief resurrection from halo 4 and skyrim but its 2013 now, bring on the next gen!

The_KELRaTH1739d ago

It's much what Commodore said about the Amiga. They thought the home games computers was here forever - why would home gamers want a dull PC or a limited use console.

I have no doubt the current and next gen tablets will have little impact on consoles but move forward 5 or so years and likely tablets will have evolved into powerful bits of kit and on par with PS4/X1 consoles.

ruefrak1739d ago

No. No. No. Facebook and mobile games are not the same as console games.
It's like the difference between a major motion picture and a youtube clip. Watching a man get hit in the crotch on youtube may be entertaining but it's not the same thing as watching Schindler's List on the big screen. People aren't going to stop watching movies because they can watch cat videos on their phones.

Bennibop1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

That is one of the most intelligent comparisons I have heard, bubbles to you! People want a quality experience whilst sat in there living room not poor controls, small screens, ads and constant pushing of microtransactions have you ever tried to play Street Fighter on the Ipad!

The_KELRaTH1739d ago

But take that iPad, add a powerful enough CPU & GPU (so 5yrs +) then connect a bluetooth keyboard, mouse, trackball, gamepad (available now) and plug into your TV/monitor (available now) and what have you got that's just so different.

If anything it would be more like a modern day Atari / Commodore computer than a games console as you can do so much more with them.