Digital Foundry- Face-Off: Call of Duty: Ghosts

EG:Call of Duty's relentless targeting of 60fps gameplay defines the series, delivering responsive twitch-based gameplay that few titles can compete with, but the strict focus on maintaining such a high frame-rate comes at a cost: the series' potential to dramatically evolve and grow over time is limited by the narrow rendering budget available on a per frame basis, with each instalment offering up smaller refinements to the formula along with a modest boost in graphical spectacle along the way.

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Neonridr1708d ago

Hmmm, I didn't seem to notice any significant slowdowns on the Wii U version playing through the campaign.

Regardless, I am still disappointed that the developers can't take the time to optimize the game for the Wii U. Sad really since Treyarch handled the Wii U port exclusively, so it's not like they didn't have the time because they were working on other platforms too...

mistertwoturbo1708d ago

Yikes the PS3 version is terrible. It's almost half of 720p. This is strange seeing as how mw1 and mw2 ran great but have been on a technical decline since.

newflesh1708d ago

Because IW has long gone to shit, since original team left

1708d ago
Godhimself_In_3d1708d ago

Yes the ps3 version is sub HD. Dam it's ugly lol. I don't want get the flame bait going but even I have to admit it. The resolution is a big difference here and it shows at this scale and it's 1024x600 on x360, 880x720 on wii u, 860x600 on ps3 it's clear as day to me resolution matters a lot. However in the next gen the gap is bigger and media is downplaying this at every turn smdh. So it matters only in the current gen. I don't get it am I missing something here???. 1920x1080 on ps4 and only 1280x720 on Xbox one. Im not the greatest in math but there seems to bigger gap in the next gen to me. But ppl are telling me it's no difference. I can't make sense of this. I got both pre ordered but I think the ps4 is the way to go. Please help i only need one of them. What do you guys think. Thanks

mistertwoturbo1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Yeah the difference between the X360 version and the PS3 version is around 98,400 pixels which is a 17% difference.

But man that's basically PS Vita resolution on the PS3. O_o

On X1 vs PS4 it's 921,600 vs 2,073,600 pixels. A much much bigger gap in disparity.

Godhimself_In_3d1708d ago

Thanks for the respond it helped out a lot. Yeah that's a big difference so im canceling my pre order more ps4 games lol.

Neonridr1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )


Good thing all you care about is resolution.

If you went on pure numbers alone Nintendo would never have won any generation of hardware.

I am not saying the PS4 isn't more powerful than the XB1, but that alone shouldn't be the deciding factor. It should be based on the exclusive games. If you like what MS brings to the table, then you'll enjoy the system regardless.

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