Dragon Age: Inquisition - 30 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage Leaked

DSOGaming writes: "Dragon Age fans, get ready for a treat. A new video from the Digiexpo 2013 event has emerged, showing off 30 minutes of gameplay footage from BioWare's upcoming RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisition."

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My_precious1740d ago

that's fvcking water effect look sexy, damn, hope it's not lame as the 2nd one

MWong1740d ago

Looks good, but this footage is about a month or 2 old. The game probably looks even better now. Glad BioWare decided on using the FB3 engine.

cleft51740d ago

Holy crap DA3 looks amazing and to think this is only pre-Alpha. I would not be upset with this game if it came out now. So happy they are going to polish and refine it even more.

decrypt1740d ago

Please let the consolers have their action RPG hackfest, give PC gamers Dragon age origins style of gameple D&D, everyones happy.

Blacktric1740d ago

If they can make the combat somewhat on par with Dragon's Dogma's, I'll be happy. But if they're going for the slightly improved Dragon Age 2 route than just no.

grahf1740d ago

NO DEAL. Give everyone Origins style or they might as well cancel the project. DA2 was horrible crappy bad all around and I forced myself to finish the game.

decrypt1740d ago


Grab a mouse/kb for the full experience then. They need to make the game around D&D mechanics for the full experience else its just a dragon effect game.

I would think they should make it with Mouse and keyboard in mind even for consoles. Otherwise its just an ARPG just like DA2 was.

Kiyuya1740d ago

Just two things I thought of reading your post.

1) Dragon Age has never run on D&D mechanics, not even in its pen & paper RPG form.

2) DA2 is using pretty much the exact same ruleset (and engine) as DAO, only the game play is sped up and the PC version cannot enter tactical camera mode (which is now back on all platforms). DAI seems to be at a speed somewhere in between DAO and DA2.

sevilha821739d ago

what if i tell you that console players also like the dragon age origins style of gameplay,not all of us are in to mindless button mashing,there´s God Of War for that.

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Murad1740d ago

Not going to lie, this does look good, but it could look at lot better, especially on PC. Furthermore, if you own a PC, check out the mods for the HD water effects, now those are pretty badass.

Razputin1740d ago

Looks like a raping blend of Kingdoms of Amaular (art style) and The Witcher 2s realistic style.

Not fully impressed, yet.

Roccetarius1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Seems like i'm not the only one reminded of KoA by this. :) I wish they could've improved upon a sequel for that game, because it was promising.

ilovefatgirls1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

this is the biggest area weve ever made bigger than all of da2.


looks nice though cant wait.

KrisButtar1740d ago

Seems more like the 1st one which is awesome

Roccetarius1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

The animations kinda remind me of a slower paced Kingdoms of Amalur. Overall it looks okay i guess, but i'm not convinced yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.