Digital Foundry vs. Dead Rising 3

Confirmed with surprising openness to be running at a straight 720p resolution at 30fps, Dead Rising 3 has much to prove to early Xbox One buyers. While many will be looking for evidence of a generational shift in terms of graphics and performance - ideally both - it's clear that development of this game has perhaps not been been as smooth as Capcom Vancouver would have preferred

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bicfitness1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

720p and struggles to maintain 20 FPS - dips to the low teens at times. A 360 port to boot. The "feel" of next-gen folks.

Not sure how people are still defending the decisions the suits at MS made for this $500 turkey. The (weak) hardware is clearly to blame and I wouldn't expect the forecast to improve all that much over this gen.

Edit @ below: It began development on the 360 and all the assets and such were ported to this gen. I would consider this a port. Google the development history yourself.

mhunterjr1736d ago

It's not a 360 port. They decided to make an xb1 game during the prototyping phase. It's a launch game. Launch games are often rough. The sky isn't falling.

Septic1736d ago


"With Battlefield 4 on Xbox One, the drop to 720p opened the door to 60fps gameplay - Dead Rising 3's big issue is that despite the upgrades, the feeling in terms of refresh and response often feels very much like a poorly optimised current-gen title."

mistertwoturbo1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I'm going to slightly agree here that I think it's a rough and rushed launch title and could need at least 6 more months of development. I mean if the x1 could do bf4 at 720p/60fps, there's no reason this title couldn't do a locked 30fps even with those hardware limitations. I think Microsoft pushed capcom to rush this out for launch just so they have something.

mhunterjr1736d ago

Hmm I listed a bunch of facts and got 21 disagrees...

Developer confirmed it's not a port. Launch games are often rough... What's their to disagree with?

@septic what was that quote supposed to prove? I'm not arguing the game doesn't have issues. I'm just saying itsnt a port, and like many games at console launch, it's rough.

MrSwankSinatra1736d ago

actually a lot assets for dead rising 3 were ported over due to capcom hitting a technical wall when it came to the 360 hardware. it may not be a straight port but you better believe that whatever assets they had on 360 were ported over to the X1.

mhunterjr1736d ago

@septic I'm not sure what the point of your quote was... In didn't disprove anything I said. Really it just reinforced it. Here are some more for you,

'there's enough here to show early Xbox One adopters a side of the zombie-slaying experience that couldn't be achieved on current-gen hardware. '


Why didn't they just offload some of the processing to the "Power of the Cloud", then they would have had more power to lockdown the 30fps.

with the "Power of the Cloud" it should be easy as pie for the xbone to deliver on true next gen games... shouldn't it???


Cupid_Viper_31736d ago

Parts of a comment I made 4 days ago on thread regarding this.

"You guys boast that "the power of cloud" allows devs to offload things like AI computations and other taxing stuff to the servers and frees up compute space on the Xbox One. But now all of a sudden, this game is pushing loads of zombies on screen and therefore the resolution and framerate is acceptable.

You guys are going to have to choose which one is true. if 300,000 dedicated servers are helping with the AI, then certainly the number of AI on screen shouldn't mean much, right? "

svoulis1736d ago


You want proof? Few Options.

1. Use google

2. Use N4G

I'll make it easier for you :D

"In terms of building the game, we originally developed it on PC and everything we were doing was breaking the bank on [Xbox] 360," Jones said.

I'll translate, it was being built for 360, and then then realized they couldn't push the game more, so they moved it to Xbox One.

My personal opinion is..Microsoft needed launch titles, and forced them to do it.

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jackanderson19851736d ago

you yourself are calling it a port... wouldn't the fact it is a port mean that due to the change in hardware from 360 to the X1 mean that they're gonna run into some technical hiccups...

bicfitness1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Assets are developed on PCs, first and foremost before being run through any console development environments. The transfer of that data to an X64 architecture (X1 and PS4) should be smooth as butter: you're porting from PC to PC basically. In some cases - PS4 - it is. Same can't be said for the X1. The engineers screwed the pooch with their RAM configuration and the gimped GPU. You can only get so much performance out of a low-spec machine even in a closed environment.

How many more DF articles do we need before people stop the straw man or pie-in-the-sky theories about why games are performing poorly on the X1? The simplest answer is usually the correct one. Because the hardware can't handle it. Yes, development tools will improve, and developers will learn tricks to eke out more from the creaking hardware. But you can only get so much out of a 7770m (which is basically what the X1 is running if you compare pipelines and specs).

I said this back when the specs were leaked, and anyone who has any sort of PC history could have told you the same. These consoles are essentially PCs (well, laptops), and the X1 is low-range. Period.

jackanderson19851736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

nobody with any sense is denying that the PS4 is more powerful and easier to develop for at the moment but i can't agree with your comparisons to a laptop/pc in any sense... this gen proved that the comparisons between the two are ridiculous, my 05/06 xbox 360 can play a game released today on the 360 no bother... my 05/06 pc struggles to run terraria smoothly they're different beasts altogether.

same applies to those that are thinking the xbox one is always going to be 720p... it's a new gen and the xbox has some tricky hardware to deal with, if after 1/2 years the games are still struggling at 720p30fps then yeah it's a crap console... i'm suspecting 6 months down the line they'll have the drivers and know how to actually use the ESRAM... i don't believe it'll ever exceed the PS4 in terms of raw power but it should be able to hold its own

not fully aimed at you bicfitness

Mike134nl1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

bicfitness is wrigth about development strating on the 360 it was moved to the x1 due to limits of the 360.
Even if it is a launch game we shouldn't give it a free pass on the graphics.
That said it has compelling next gen features in including no load times and huge amount of zombies. From the previews it seems as a fun game to play. It shouldn't be a deterrent to buy the game watch some preview play-throughs and base your buying decision on that.

I do admit expecting graphics not to improve after the launch titles does show bias. Xb1 seems to be shapping up quite nicely with its current launch titles.

deputyspade1736d ago

They said it was dropping in as low as 16fps at times. This is gonna get ugly!

GarrusVakarian1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Wow.....i know graphics aren't everything but 720p and dips below 30fps is NOT acceptable with a next gen game, regardless if its a launch title.

How can they not lock it at 30fps? Pathetic.

Mr Pumblechook1736d ago

Stop all the hating. The interface is native 1080p.

"What native resolution is Dead Rising 3? Josh Bridge: 720p. And I'm really happy with that, with the sheer amount of stuff we have in an open world game locked at 30fps, that's just brilliant. Of course our UI (user interface) runs at 1080 native on top, but no, we're a 720p game locked at 30fps."

bicfitness1736d ago

I can't tell if your post is sarcasm or not. Also, a crisp HUD laid over a jaggy, pop-up filled, pixellated mess (not I'm not being dramatic, look at the direct capture screens), isn't really doing the game any favours either.

sigfredod1736d ago

Ouch!, so much for your next gen title

AlexanderNevermind1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Nothing else need be said..... SMH

Ezz20131736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

""720p and struggles to maintain 20 FPS and drop to 16 FPS""

and the game doesn't look even great
this is just wrong

ExitToExisT1736d ago

What i hate most about console gaming is that they say a game is 30 fps but at most of the action packed scenes the fps is around 15-20 fps.

Same applies to current gen games like GTA V where i had to stop playing it because of the extremely poor fps.


Soc51736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Lol "500 dollar turkey"

This also goes to all the clowns who keep saying "what, do u count the lines?"
Or "upscaled 1080p looks the same"
From digital foundry:
"Our captures show the game upscaled to 1080p by the Xbox One - with results that are expectedly unkind to thin objects and flickering alpha elements like trees or fence-work. It's a bit of a disappointment in this sense, and continues to dangle a question mark over the capabilities of the console's hotly contested specs when it comes to titles striving for full HD."

Lets Stop making excuses for Ms I'm pissed too, I was hoping for more but have to admit it has been a rushed crappy launch. They should have performed better, by being better prepared, and preparing their partners, and not getting caught with their pants down by Sony launching earlier than expected. Not to mention the debacle of the reveal.

Edit I just read a quote where they said it was locked at 30 fps I guess it's not "locked" at 30 fps if its dipping into the 20s. Wow things are only going to get worse once xb-one launches. MS execs are in denial, they might be thinking once it launches everything will start to be better, but it's looking like even though this is hard to believe, but it's going to get much worse.

Especially when all those bratty kids start thinking " what did I pay 500 dollars for?

TheXgamerLive1736d ago

First i agree they used an old engine for this and even though enhancements its old, however its in no way a 360 port. Its still an incredible game and the final gold release will have a steady 30fps.
The team took a great and fresh open world approach and it looks easily next ven and the most fun possible of the new gen titles.

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phoenix_dusk1736d ago

720p, 20fps. No thanks. :/

B-radical1736d ago

agreed was considering picking this up at launch with it will be ryse and forza

DigitalRaptor1736d ago

What a complete joke - they should've delayed the game.

This was the only Xbone game I had any interest in due to the open-world fun factor.

B-radical1736d ago

this is why 100's of zombies at once shouldnt of been necessary

someoneagain1736d ago

"In this interactive environment, thousands of animated, intelligent characters are rendered from a variety of viewpoints ranging from extreme close-ups to far away “bird’s eye” views of the entire system (over three thousands characters at the same time)."


"The GPU tessellation is used to subdivide and displace the characters so that they never look “low-poly” or triangulated and flat. [...] At the highest level of tessellation, a single froblin character can be rendered with as many as 1.6 million triangles!"

Circa 2008.

phoenix_dusk1736d ago

Really disappointing considering this is the only Xbone game I'm actually interested. Too bad, Capcom, you won't get my money. I have motion sickness caused by games with subnormal FPS. Anything that is below locked 30fps gives me a headache and nausea. :/

nirwanda1736d ago

Must be tough not being able to watch any TV or films without feeling sick.

phoenix_dusk1736d ago

I don't get sick with movies or tv. I don't even wholly get it why although it's probably different with games in 3D environment with wacked FPS. I usually avoid any games that are not locked 30fps. Ruins the whole experience.. It's really sucks that I got this condition, I haven't played Tomb Raider ps1 series since I got into the cave and the most I got of that first game was killing bats and wolves. :/ That is probably the worst thing for me as a gamer since I'm a fan of Uncharted.

RevXM1736d ago

TV and films are a dead steady 24fps though, and have blur and dept/focus trickery going on.
But some new releases are supposedly 48 fps/Hz.
Heard that the Hobbit is.

Games drop and some even tear.
Im okay with a steady 30, Im forgiving some games for dropping like 5 frames or so every now and then, like KZ2/3.

But next gen title at 720p struggling and rubberbanding between Low "teens" and Low twenties... WHAT?

nirwanda1736d ago

Sounds awful, Japanese games were notoriously prone to motion sickness that's why they claim fps could never be popular over there.
For film has a constant frame rate and generally has smooth camera work, I bet you would struggle watching something like the Blair whitch project.

mhunterjr1736d ago

If you don't have this issue with movies, I would has to think its the instability of the frame rate that bothers you, not neccisarily the low frame rate. Either way , that situation sucks man, sorry to here it...

dansdooz1736d ago

looks fun, disappointing tho should at least be locked at 30.

mistertwoturbo1736d ago

It is an bit odd that they can't even get locked 30fps. While yes it has 3x more zombies, it looks like they could do this on current gen hardware.

I dunno I'm getting the feeling its a rushed port.

DigitalRaptor1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

This was the only redeemable Xbone game in my opinion, and damn I just can't believe this.

However, I remember so well saying months ago that it was not going to be able to maintain a consistent 30fps, and that it was already bad enough running at 720p. All I was told was that I was a delusional fanboy. I guess you can't always negate what people say, just because you don't like what they're saying .