Race Queen Huh Yoon Mi Models for Online Game Promotion

Korean race queen Huh Yoon Mi has been selected to represent the online MMORPG game, "Sky".

Here is the first gallery featuring the game's first promotional images.

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SniperControl1737d ago

You must be into the larger ladies lol

She is fine, very beautiful.

emad-E-three1737d ago

Allow me to fix this for ya: "She needs to be eaten" :P
Damn Asian beauty ;)

MajorGecko1737d ago

her weight is fine, its just the eye lid plastic surgery that creeps me out about korean's...

JoySticksFTW1737d ago

Nooo! Don't ruin it with that mental image!

Gah D:

clmstr1737d ago

I find her rather easy to... Nevermind.