Hands-on with Knack: the dark side of simplicity

PSU writes:

"After hands-on time with Knack, I'm still not sold on the promise of Sony Japan Studio's mascot launch title."

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BBBirdistheWord1491d ago

It probably isn't for me. I feel it is a bit cutesy, but that doesn't mean other ps4 gamers can't enjoy it.

To each their own.

Langkasuka1491d ago

I've been a PC player for a long time and I got two nephews, ages 8 and 6, both promising gamers (Ass.Creed and Minecraft). We're venturing into console gaming together, Knack was the game that sold me, like a cute family game.

3-4-51490d ago

I think it looks real fun. Not my first game, more like a 3rd but still looks good.

izumo_lee1491d ago

It's a game in the veins of an old school platformer like Crash & Spyro. If you look at Crash or Spyro or even Ratchet now they would be cutesy too but you would be so wrong about the games they are in.

I swear if this game was released during the PSone or PS2 days gamers would be gobbling this stuff up. Nowadays many gamers are so fixated on over the top action & stuff blowing up or shooting stuff apart. Back in the day when Crash released the platformer games were a bid deal. All i am saying is at least give Knack a chance if one doesn't like it after playing it so be it.

However don't judge a game from its cover if that occurred Crash, Spyro & Ratchet wouldn't be the successes they are when they released way back when.

bobtheimpaler1491d ago

Totally agree. I'll be picking this up on launch. Love platformers.

obliteratorFTW1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

You are making too much sense bro. It's detrimental for the fanboys here. Just say knack is garbage and be appreciated.

nope1111491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

You make a valid point about the aesthetic, but gameplay is the key factor here. Crash, Spyro and rachet was very fun and dareisay genre defining. Knack however is not. Extremely simplistic and rather dull.

nope1111491d ago

I played the kiosk demo..... it's meh, basically a demonstration of the the PS4's power.

mhunterjr1491d ago

Nothing about this game seem very interesting or innovative to me, I love a good platformer, but it looks like the house of Mario are they only folks looking to bring quality to the genre. I'll reserve judgement until I get to play it myself, but I'm not liking what I see.

kiz26941491d ago

I think with all the hardcore game I will be getting at launch (kill zone, BF4, COD, AC4) this would be a perfect chill out game, we're I can just have some good old platformer fun.

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