PS4 user interface and features: Everything we know so far

PSU writes:

With only three days left until launch, we've gone hands-on with PS4 at a review event in New York City. After an extended live demonstration of PS4's various applications, I left the room with pages of notes, many questions answered, and more than a few still burning. Regardless, I've got buckets of information to share about the PS4 experience, from speed to stability and everything in between.

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fOrlOnhOpe571772d ago

Oh wow, the 29th seems SO far away right now :-(

nosferatuzodd1772d ago

Lol I feel you're pain bro

SniperControl1772d ago

17 days!

I am with you on that one my friend.

kazuma9991772d ago

Sorry but I had to do it. 2 days away XD.

C-H-E-F1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

For some reason the 15th seems like 2days 12hrs and 3min. away hmph...

fOrlOnhOpe571771d ago

Haha. Thanks for that. Hope we get some good feedback from you fellas. :-)

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nosferatuzodd1772d ago

Sweet good to hear the ps store is much faster than what we have now can't wait to have this bad boy in my evil demon hands lol

Man-E-Faces1772d ago

From the article, "All videos purchased or rented through the PlayStation Store, as well as all video clips recorded from gameplay, are stored on the Sony cloud. There is no local storage for any of this media content."

This doesn't alarm anybody? Sony knows if they allow mp3 playback they must allow a way to import/export files onto PS4's hdd, as of now they want to block importation of media files from usb and external hdd's and only allow specific files like game share clips to be exported to sites of their choosing. These assholes know exactly what their doing and their response to look into mp3 support is a lie!

ilovefatgirls1772d ago

it doesnt really alarm me but i see your point.

one has to remember that sony has been at the forefront of fighting piracy abiet unsuccessfully but still there

they probably want to push music unlimited too which at a glance doesnt look terrible and is built into their phones aswell so maybe further down the road there might be a device limit or some such on whatever you download etc etc

imo wait a couple of patches before you start organising boycotts and or lynch mobs