Call of Duty: Ghosts review: a huge disappointment | GamesinAsia

It’s hard to know what caused this — was it a genuine lack of inspiration? A cynical cash grab? — but for consumers, it doesn’t matter. Here’s the bottom line: unless you are a hardcore Call of Duty fan who just has to have the latest game, don’t buy Ghosts.

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GutZ311712d ago

Daaamn... thats a pretty abysmal score...

snake_eater1712d ago

Now this IS a review, not that gamespot or IGN bull.

lastofgen1712d ago

I dig the score.
The franchise has lost it's 'oomph.'

Mr_cheese1712d ago

It's a shame that it came to this from the Call of Duty franchise, but it is a lesson that needed to be learned, all be it one they are still making profit from. I'd like COD to do a massive reboot and go back to what made it in the first place and deal with the dark and gritty of WW2. With the new generation and all that horse power, if they built a new engine and put everything they could into it, we could have a brilliant game. Atmosphere would be very relevant in trying to catch the depression and reality of such a brutal war.

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