Yoshida: Memory is PS4's most precious resource

Shuhei Yoshida, Head of Sony Worldwide Studios, explains the importance of memory in the design of PlayStation 4 and its allocation.

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Thehyph1774d ago

As soon as I heard there was 8GB of GDDR5 and x86 architecture, I knew that Sony was taking this more serious than the last go around.

Alas, it is Tuesday, and this week is going to take forever. :(

SirBradders1774d ago

What does x86 mean exactly i know what gddr5 means is this anything to do with os having 32 and 64bit architecture meaning ps4 has 86.

Someone explain please.

sweendog1774d ago

Maths are not your strong point

Alexious1774d ago

No. X86 is an instruction set, and there are the 32bit and 64 bit versions.

thereapersson1774d ago

Hey Sweendog, instead of insulting him, why don't you help educate him?

Thehyph1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

X86 is an instruction set for CPU's. Almost any PC that you've ever used is running on x86. (Notably different then current gen consoles using powerpc and cell)
The benefits are great for next gen consoles using x86. A developer need only write most code once to work across Windows, SteamOS, PS4, and Xbox One and then optimize the rest per platform. This is good for gaming general as there will be more ports made between gaming platforms. Developers who would have only made a game for one system can now easily port to the others. More income for them may lead to more games from them, and more games will be accessible to gamers who only own one platform.
Future consoles (presuming that this architecture sees continued use) could have native backwards compatibility to boot.

Also, almost any program, driver, codec, etc. that you can think of already exists for x86. What this could mean (based on the amount of control that Sony and Microsoft are willing to give) is more and more apps being added to the system.
An example would be something like dropbox or chrome. Where ps4 and xbox one are x86, a company like Google could have a fully optimized chrome app in a week. (Although this is also an example of where Sony and Microsoft will probably draw the line of how open their platforms will be)
The possibility is there though. Who knows what we will see in the coming years?

sweendog1774d ago

@thereapersson sorry im at work and bored. I havnt got a clue what x86 means just had to comment on 64 & 32 being 86

SirBradders1774d ago

@sweendog you see its nothing to do with maths because like the ^ said the 32 and 64 bit is nothing to do with the x86 because it is an instructiin set.

RevXM1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

It means it uses pc architecture, not Power PC, SPARC or ARM.
32 or 64Bit has little to do with it really. but someone can be specific and say X86-64. meaning 64 bit x86.

Architectire is the general layout and foundation of how the system works and functions on the hardware side so it can work with a instruction set.

Os is software, its a bunch of data and code that is meant to be the environment the user will work and interface with. The bios will initiate the os. BIOS is the part of the computer that flips all the switches to get the system running so to speak, a low level program on the motherboard.

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OlgerO1774d ago

Still a lot of good stuff the coming days like reviews, new info and the launch event with new PS4 anouncements

Android1774d ago

Yeah definitely. They seemed to have ticked all the right boxes.

Indeed it is Tuesday, so that makes it about 16 days till us Brits get to play it.

Hope that cheered you up :)

Thehyph1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

That's rough. I was never a fan of the release dates being separated like that, but I do understand the significance.

Sony is advertising over here like there's no tomorrow. I've never seen this kind of push from them. Ever. You can't get past the doors of Wal-Mart here without being bombarded with "Greatness Awaits." I don't even have cable, but the TV spots are frequent enough that I still catch them when I'm out and about.

It's the first time I've ever encountered more PlayStation than Xbox advertising in Canada since these two companies started competing.

I hope they're working as hard over there.

Volkama1774d ago

Don't feel bad for us, this is the closest Sony have come to a simultaneous launch by a long shot. We're used to months or years extra wait :)

Mr_cheese1774d ago

It's going to be a much better gen this time round. Not only will we have more fantastic s first party games,but they system will be able to handle the addition to many new features.

Thehyph1774d ago

You must be in the wrong article. As of this comment I cannot see any fanboy comments here.

Alexious1774d ago

I think he may be just one angry MS fanboy lashing out.

Moeskau1774d ago

I don`t see one comment here that could link someone to be a Sony fanboy.

Android1774d ago


I absolutely agree. Games and consoles used to take literally a year or so to get released over here back in the day. I'm thinking back to super Nintendo, we never got it a good 2yrs later. Seems like decades ago now.....I must of been about 9yrs old. I should be happy lol

Ocsta1774d ago

I despise ignorant Xbots. Damn that was easy!