GameStop may have off-the-shelf PS4 stock at launch

GameStop may have stock of PlayStation 4 consoles freely available to buy off the shelf on launch day, the retailer has suggested.

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jackanderson19851778d ago

thought both MS and Sony said there would be some stock in the stores at launch?

Sci0n1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

my game stop said they will have well over enough PS4's to go around for everyone and that there initial stock increased. That's very good news for those who didn't preorder. Just checked my email and seen I have been summoned! The PS4 Arrives Friday! Be There to Lock Down Yours!‏

amiga-man1778d ago

If I were Sony I would make sure there is stock left for stores, not all people want to pre order and seeing people buy up the PS4s that are available will help drive up demand,
especially as it becomes more difficult to find one, the last thing I would want at launch is for people to walk in a shop and find out there is no chance of getting one.

Sold out prorders is one thing when they are sold out in shops that really does make it sound like the must have item.

bleedsoe9mm1778d ago

i thought preorders were backed up until march , so who's preorder gets delayed ?

cunnilumpkin1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

there is going to be tons of these things left around

don't kid yourself

ps4/xbox1 will never sell what ps3/360 did

you already witnessed the peak of console sales, it was called the ps2 and Nintendo ds and it will NOT happen again

TomahawkX1778d ago

I fear you may be right if Wii U sales are any indication. However people are still buying PS3 and Xboxs so demand for consoles is still there. I do agree that the market will most likely be smaller next gen, maybe 80% of what it is now.

B-radical1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

hahaha mate your so wrong yes the ps2 sold a whole bunch but thats because there wasnt much to choose from this gen there was 360 and ps3 and they sold roughly the same ps2 did go up against the original xbox but that barely sold any consoles if you take xbox out of the whole equation it would of been down to just ps3 and wii

now for the people that bought 360 over ps3 this gen if xbox didnt exist would of they had gone to wii or ps3?

HighResHero1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Don't worry, he obviously didn't take into account the fact that the 3DS is on track to become the greatest selling dedicated handheld of all time, or many other sales figures, preorder numbers, projections, etc.

NewAgeisHere1778d ago

Stupidest statement of the day award goes to.......

jackanderson19851778d ago

ps2 and nintendo ds were two seperate generations.

Gen 6 (last gen) total sales (incl. handhelds) roughly 295mil

Gen 7 (current gen) total sales (incl. handhelds) roughly 479mil

Gen 8 (next gen) total sales (incl. handhelds) roughly 41 mil so far

will they reach 480mil total sales maybe maybe not but the PS2 era was not the best for sales figures

cunnilumpkin1778d ago

wrong, Nintendo ds came out in 2004, ps2 2001, same gen

ps3 was not out till 2006 along with wii

jackanderson19851778d ago


the wii u came out in 2012 doesn't mean it's part of the last generation... also the xbox 360 was released in 2005.

by your reckoning the 3ds should be included in the last generation of gaming along with the wii u and the ps vita

Irishguy951778d ago

Gameboy advance came out in 2001. Along with the Ps2. Thus Gameboy DS is the next gen one.

Mr_cheese1778d ago

Preorders alone have exceeded that of any previous Sony launch console...

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EffectO1778d ago

This could be the most funniest launch ever.

lordstark1778d ago

Kind of the opposite from what been told when ever I have asked at gamespot. Always something like sorry man maybe after New Years lol

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