PS4 will be released in Singapore on December 19 for $639 SGD

Sony announced the Singapore release date and pricing for the PS4 and peripherals today at a press event in Suntec City Convention Centre. To a crowd of gaming enthusiasts and reporters, Sony announced the date of December 19 for the PS4 release, and the price will be $639 SGD – which converts to about $512 USD and there will be 23 Day One titles available on launch.

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1707d ago
husomc1707d ago

WTF kinda price is that :o time to import wonder if Malaysia is gonna be cheaper

badz1491707d ago

yeah, that's already over $511 in the US which makes it more expensive the Xbone! I hope Malaysian official price will be lower. oh...I think importing will probably cost you a lot more! importers always mark up their prices through the roof especially for console launch!

husomc1707d ago

if the ps4 is significantly cheaper in malaysia, i'd much rather take a bus to malaysia on a weekend, buy the console, have a blast and get back to singapore to play the console :D (i hate haggling with the likes of sellers in sim lim square.)

badz1491707d ago

let's just hope it's cheaper here. I hope they can release it for RM1299 at the most.

Tornado1707d ago

I'll be importing a PS4 from US when it launches, the price will be around RM1300 - RM1480, you can import one too :)

badz1491707d ago

import? on your own or via game stores? I'm done importing through these leeches! I remember getting my launch Vita for RM1700

husomc1707d ago

Yes, that would be a cheaper option. but my worry about importing from US is that it won't be covered by warranty in this region. In the early days of a console launch, outside technicians will charge an arm and a leg to get a PS4 repaired if there is any problem with it.