Finally Diablo 3 will have remote Play on PS Vita

Since Blizzard have been quick to refute the comments of some developers of the company on the PS Vita remote mode of 'Diablo 3' in PS4 will not come to PS Vita.

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Mikelarry1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

although i am not a diablo fan i am really glad big hitters are taking advantage of the remote play feature. i really hope every developer supports this feature from now on.

abzdine1657d ago

i want that feature on every game.

majiebeast1657d ago

It will except for gyroscope and camera games. Even FF14RR will have remote play. So if you need to go to the toilet when your raiding nobody has to wait.

lokirevamped1657d ago

I think I just might pick one up at the midnight launch as well.

ninavoljic1657d ago

Can't wait for the expansion... and what the trolls will say.

Mrgolden791657d ago

What does the trolls say? Ya pow!

KrisButtar1657d ago

They changed their tune quick, from saying no remote play to its awesome

Agent_00_Revan1657d ago

I thought Remote Play was a required feature? Or is it just, that every game has the potential for it?

ChronoJoe1657d ago

It's required. Other developers have said it's mandated unless their game requires items like the camera etc.

As such this comes as no surprise. As far as I'm aware, Blizzard had to have this in. Maybe they were under the impression that their game wouldn't play very well on the Vita, which is probably true. D3 uses the full control set and even on PS4 the menus and interfaces are not fantastic to navigate. Having L2 and R2 mapped to the rear touch pad won't help matters much.

With that said, I forced a friend of mine to play D3 on my arcade stick since we didn't have 4 controllers, and whilst he had a hard time with the menus the core game was very playable.

Thehyph1657d ago

I've already thought out a control scheme that works for me on Vita with this game. I'm also stoked to remote play this game at work. As long as the delay isn't too unforgiving, this game should be alright. It's more acceptable for a distanced remote play than, say, an FPS game.

Redempteur1657d ago

Except that you can decide where to map those L2, R2, L3 &R3 bouttons. diablo 3 use the full control set of the dualshock , but you can easily replace some functions by going touhscreen ( example : for some skills functions )

You can design a zone in the front touch screen that serves as a button and rework your control scheme that way . Other games have proved that it works quite well.

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