PlayStation 4's Boot Time Is Longer Than PlayStation 3

If you have a 3DS or a Vita, you know how wonderful suspending your game and picking right back up can be. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 won't have that on Friday, but it will be patched in some time after launch. We're hopeful that it comes soon, because we confirmed the boot time on the console.

This morning during a demonstration, we saw a PlayStation 4 cold-booted. We roughly timed that at about 30 seconds and confirmed it with our own unit after setting it up.

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HolyDuck1778d ago

Who cares, 10 seconds, 30 seconds. I usually sit around the dashboard of a console a little bit before even booting up a game so it really doesn't matter to me, like it wont for most people.

xPhearR3dx1778d ago

Well, there's one person who didn't read the article. They're talking about booting up the console and getting to the dashboard. Not loading a game.

Septic1778d ago

Meh..10 seconds longer isn't a deal breaker by any means.

thekhurg1778d ago

He has a history of this, it's nothing new.

Insomnia_841778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Yup! 10 seconds more to boot up a super charged PC is nothing!
And keep in mind you will probably never turn off the console at all and just leave it at standby mode. Just like I do with my PS Vita, always ready where I left off playing or whatever it is that I was doing.

Greatness Awaits!

decrypt1778d ago

Great my PC boots into windows faster than PS4 can load into its OS. PS4 OS must be really bloated.

ZodTheRipper1778d ago

But I've expected it to be faster nonetheless :/

mikeslemonade1778d ago

PC gamers have been waiting for that long or even longer. If your games to look good and play good then this is what we gotta work with for now.

decrypt1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )


Well most of us PC gamers have SSDs they are very cheap now.

Plus we use hibernation or even Sleep features. Hibernation is like a complete shutdown. PC usually wakes up from that within 15 secs. From sleep its instant wake up.

We dont need to wait long for OS boot ups to enjoy the best graphics on the market. Hell its not just about OS load ups, our in game load up speeds are way ahead of consoles. Since consoles usually come with 5400RPM HDDs which are slow as a snails pace.

SSD wont be a good idea for console because:

A) Most games now require installs, SSDs in large size are still expensive. PC gamers usually only use small SSDs from their OS and have a large HDD for game installs. Consoles dont allow for multiple HDDs to be installed within them.

B) Even if you were to get a large size SSD for console, the console wont have a TRIM feature which would mean the write speeds on the SSD would pretty soon start sucking.

C) We dont know if console OS is installed on the HDD, as in the case with a PC. Hence if the OS isnt on the HDD, installing an SSD wont help at all.

Edit: Just checked PS4s HDD, dam in 2013 they are using 5400RPM HDDs on their latest console. Shame really, I had laptops back in 2006 with 7200RPM HDDs lol.

ZodTheRipper1778d ago


People like you are the reason why PC gamers have such a bad reputation.

arexw1778d ago Show
Highlife1778d ago

The guy is excited to get a ps4. You need to relax.

sobekflakmonkey1778d ago

to boot up my PC it takes longer than then the PS4, 30 seconds isn't bad, I have a 7200RPM HDD as may not be a SSD, but it is 2 TB so that's all I cared about in making that decision, but my PC takes about a min to start up or a min and a half, it's not to terrible,

btw, just so you guys know, the PC elitists on this site almost always spew BS when it comes to computer stuff...don't listen to them...seriously don't, I built my own PC and I know the cost of building what is considered a "Good" PC, they usually lie about that stuff, just saying, because there seems to be some unruly types commenting in here, also look at @arexw comment just above me...typical hypocritical thinking.

aCasualGamer1778d ago


Well, if you care about your electric bill you wouldn't want it to be turned on all the time.

frostypants1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

@decrypt: "Well most of us PC gamers have SSDs they are very cheap now. "

No, most PC gamers don't. Where'd you find that statistic?

mikeslemonade1777d ago

Well guess what PC gamers my system uses less electricity. PC gaming still as cheap as consoles??? Nope..

HammadTheBeast1777d ago


You're a complete ****ing idiot.

First you say SSD's are very cheap now, then contradict yourself in the next sentence with "Large sizes are expensive still, so consoles can't use them".

Then you make the absolute stupidest comment I've seen. You critisize mandatory installs. When was the last time you played a PC game off the disk?

Also, I have asked you this in every single idiotic comment you've made so far.

Please. Give me the specs of a $400 computer (or laptop) which will run games on the same graphical level as a PS4. Complete specs. All I ask.

MuhammadJA1777d ago

you clearly didn't understand what he said.

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BABY-JEDI1778d ago

Some people just like to pick on HolyDuck. Give him a break.
: P

HammadTheBeast1777d ago

Shhh... you're not supposed to say it Wearelegion.

Beastforlifenoob1777d ago

Holyduck is the biggest idiot on N4G, all of his comments are ridicilous, he doesnt even read a single article.

HardcoreDaBoss1778d ago

To me its not a big deal...

But I remember when the wii u had slow load times and start up times everyone was bashing it..

now that sony has these issues its all of a sudden ok with everyone?

rainslacker1777d ago

The Wii U booted about the same, and I don't recall anyone complaining. What people complained about was the fact everything you did took forever to load, and was laggy as hell.

It has been fixed for quite a while now...more or less.

kazuma9991778d ago

LOL I will not be turning it off for a week anyways XD got too many games.

Xsilver1778d ago

30 seconds Really? ill live :/
posted by Ksar now it all makes sense

Mosiac771777d ago

I care because Microsoft and Sony dedicated 3gb of memory for the OS and they are both slow in starting up. also is a new generation and things suppose to be better than the last one not worst. don't take memory away from the developers and then do nothing with it. but hopefully this will be fix with day one update

HardcoreDaBoss1776d ago

start up is not about ram bro. Its about the operating system and the CPU. If rams low then it can affect it but 8 gigs is plenty.

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Mikelarry1778d ago

personally i don't mind as it still within "acceptable" start up time. its something they can fix with a firmware update as seen with the wiiU

OlgerO1778d ago

once the lower power state feature becomes availible it will be reduced to 1 second

Thehyph1778d ago

Yeah. This isn't an issue.

It will be irrelevant once the system gets patched up.

Once the system is updated, you should only be using suspend mode. Hard power cycling is much harder on your shiny new ps4 than suspend mode.

Blackdeath_6631778d ago

that is what i was thinking once suspend mode is here you would never have to boot it up from being completely off

arexw1778d ago Show
Mikelarry1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

@ arexw

what next gen system boots in 5 secs flat.??? none calm yourself kid.

and as for low intelligence reread your comment with your adult hat on and get back at me about who has low intelligence and high delusion.

HardcoreDaBoss1776d ago

yes it is acceptable. I dont care if it takes a a minute to startup and another minute to load the game. I see both M$ and sony are doing mandatory installs? whats with this? Is the disc read/write speed really that slow? I dont think it is but I dont want to waste my space for every game I own and be low when DLC comes out and have to delte games. 500 gigs is too low for the stuff coming out and game installs.

neocores1778d ago

Lol idk what he was watching but i seen videos of less then 10secs lol

kiz26941778d ago

This was a cold boot, not standby to full, which at least I will be using all the time. Standby to full power only take 10-20secs. My Ps4 if not being played on will be in standby.

TheGrimReaper00111778d ago

That is assuming you won't play your ps4, even while using remote play
Let's be fair though. Vita has a pretty long boot up for a handheld. It's why i usually put it on standby and in 1 sec can continue. And no, i dont lose alot of battery, its not like I keep it on all day
Besides, it's a sacrifice you make
Slower boot-up, faster everything else

clmstr1778d ago

Come on, home gaming console is not a portable smartphone and 10 second difference isn't something to be worried about.