Check Out These Warframe PS4 Gameplay Trailers

Check out a couple of gameplay trailers of Warframe PS4. The F2P third person shooter by Digital Extremes will be available at launch.

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TomahawkX1714d ago

This is changing my perception of free to play games. I'll give it an honest shot.

Septic1714d ago

You'be got nothing to lose but time.

RenegadeRocks1714d ago

Well said there :D ! But I gues being a space ninja can't be a waste of time, now, can it be !

zeal0us1714d ago

He's not lying about the time. Either you spend majority of your time grinding/farming for items or spending cash to get weapons and items quicker.

ssj271714d ago

looks amazing and great devs.. I loved Dark Sector.

kazuma9991714d ago

Played it on pc, absolutely hated it since I am not a mouse/keyboard guy for a shooter lol but will get day 1 on ps4.

zeal0us1714d ago

You can you use a controller on the pc version. I used to pay with my 360 controller all the time. Though I did hate hacking and wall running with a controller. Not to mention when you have to a mastery test requires you to at specific spot.

kazuma9991714d ago

Btw those are really good players in the trailer you can tell XD. I played it and it was hard on mouse/keyboard hope its better on controller.

kratoz12091714d ago

Been playing this game since March :D its a very fun game and cannot wait to continue my Journey on the Ps4 :D
Cross Platform is gunna be fun :D

yellowgerbil1714d ago

Is the game fair and fun if you don't buy anything? The only game I've played that is F2P is Dust514 and that was awful, pay2win. I would shoot an entire clip in a guy and only take down his shield which regenerated at a rate faster than my gun reloaded.
It really soured me to the f2p formula.
So is Warframe playable without any money being spent?

zeal0us1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Yes though you spend quite a while farming and grinding if you want to avoid spending money.

Farming isn't so bad when you're doing with a group rather than solo. However on the downside you might get group with "rushers" rather than farmers. Rushers can be a pain they like to speed through the whole and will even leave the whole group behind and then complain about you being too slow. So rule of thumb if you play Warframe and want to farm, do it with friends and not random people.

princejb1341714d ago

The game looks pretty fun. The only thing I don't like is that the level designs seem so narrow

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