Don't Starve, Binding of Isaac free on PS4 at launch with PlayStation Plus

Don't Starve will be free with PlayStation Plus membership when the game launches in "early January," a Sony representative confirmed today at the PlayStation 4 review event, currently being held in New York City. The critically acclaimed survivorcraft will launch on PS4 with all content available at that time in the PC version. Sony expects the PC and PS4 versions will update in parallel from that point forward.

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vividi1738d ago

Awesome! Looking forward to it

abzdine1738d ago

what an amazing launch line-up with all the free games!!

cleft51738d ago

I already have an amazing catalog of games for the PS4 and I haven't even purchased a one yet. The value of PS+ is simply amazing and the PS4 will be revolutionary. If these are the games they give us for free I cannot fathom how good the games they sell us will be.

callahan091738d ago

Great news! My girlfriend was watching the Don't Starve trailer yesterday on the new HumbleShop and she seemed interested in it, I thought about buying it so we could play it, but now I don't have to. Just wait for the PS4 version for free!

Xsilver1738d ago

i LOVE Don't starve i only played a demo and now i get it for free awesome.

neocores1738d ago

The title soo misleadign i thought they were coming on the 15th -.- plz change the title

Maxor1738d ago

Yawn. These are last gen indie titles that could be bought for $15 ($5 or less on Steam). I expected a lot better than this, like maybe Knack or NSF Rivals in place of Drive Club.

Silly gameAr1738d ago

You expected to much then.

cleft51738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Drive Club is still coming to the PS+ for free, but the game got delayed so now it will be much better when it does come out. Also, Contrast is a very promising game so I have no complaints.

Just look at the level of riches we are getting with PS+ that we know about and then think of all the things that we don't know about. Sony gives away games that are less than a year old on PS+, so the games they will be giving away going forward may very well be those AAA games just a few months down the line.

callahan091738d ago

Yeah well neither of these games has ever been on console before. And they are *free*. So your complaints are kind of elitist and ungrateful.

Baka-akaB1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Really ? you expected a racing game from EA to be free within its release month ? I know that Fifa happened on the other side , but they had a tough PR uphill battle to overcome

Maxor1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

How is that ungrateful and elitist. We were supposed to get Drive Club which would've been a full retail game and like someone else said, Xbox One is giving away Fifa 14, also a retail game.

Entire point of all this kick off PS Plus with a big promo and drive adoption of PS Plus on the PS4. I thought Sony might be able to pull off a suitable replacement for Drive Club with NFS Rival, which frankly doesn't sound as good as Drive Club.

Hell, not like NFS Rival is going to fly off the shelves either.

webeblazing1738d ago

don't starve came out earlier this year and is better than most big budget games. I get that you wanted free games on the scale of games you get on ps3 but that's not going to happen.

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roadkillers1738d ago

Definitely getting PS4 at launch then. Not just because of these, but the vast number of free PSN titles that will occupy my time. Will I even need to pay for a game next-gen? PS4 and 6 years of PSN+ might do it for me next gen...

matrixman921738d ago

just to clarify, these particular games will not be free when the ps4 launches, but when they themselves launch. Title is a little misleading.

kydrice1738d ago

Thats awesome and all but without mod support, it's missing out on a lot.