A Next-Gen Fighting Game For Everyone

Undoubtedly, there are fans who are ecstatic to hear that Killer Instinct, the classic fighting game that came in a snazzy black cartridge back in the early 90's, is going to come back. But when the game was announced earlier this year, there also seemed to be an air of bewilderment about its revival—loved as it may be, it's not exactly the biggest or most well-known franchise, even within the fighting game scene.

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foxsilver0071773d ago

I preorder xbone and this tile has me worried with the dlc model they have for this game looks like a money pit I wonder in the end after upgrading all the fighters and options will it cost more then 60 dollars for most titles a little alarming to me.

Alsybub1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I seem to remember reading that once you hit the value of the full game (in micro transactions) it unlocks everything.

zerogotit1772d ago

I remember reading somewhere that you can buy ki with every character (without dlc) for $20 (since they dont have much) and $40 for everything + dlc