Kingdom Under Fire II - PS4 version confirmed

Korean Developer, BlueSide, has confirmed that their long-in-development game Kingdom Under Fire II is coming to the PS4.

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obliteratorFTW1711d ago

Nice. More games. That's what I like about PS. You have so many games catering to different tastes. Thank you Sony.

abzdine1711d ago

it's all about the games!

nothing to add your honor

twinspectre1711d ago

Xbone logic " it's all about the games damn it "

callahan091711d ago

Wow, totally forgot about this game, it's been in development forever.

kreate1710d ago

What happened to the ps3 version?

chrissx1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

More games = More Good news for future Ps4 owners. PS customers are the happiest gamers

MasterCornholio1711d ago

More games.


Nexus 7 2013

Unlimax1711d ago

wow , That was fast from KUF Dev Team :D

aCasualGamer1711d ago

From 3 years ago... wow. This game is taking forever to develop.

KrisButtar1711d ago

Yea 2010 is a while ago but the video looked like TESO at 1st. It either looks the same or better since the video was from 3 years ago. It should also be getting close to done as the PS4 is suppose to have a fast development cycle.

aCasualGamer1711d ago

Yeah, you're probably right. Was really looking forward to that game for a while, but i forgot all about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.