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In 2007, Sony released the first full-length motion picture starring the embattled anti-hero Ghost Rider. Many fans were curious, rushed to the box-office, and were quickly reminded that similar schlock-filled CGI fests of the past, like Fox’s infamously bad Daredevil, were still being used as a template. The incredible anticipation of two of Marvel’s biggest, darkest guns fell flat, as did Lionsgate’s Punisher films, which resembled a cancelled Power Ranger’s episode complete with cheap plastic masks for Jigsaw. These three interpretations of the characters wasted tons of potential. Each character was a carbon copy of the other in that they each beat the crap out of baddies and then viciously bantered that they were not the bad guy. All of the latter studios were guilty of not releasing inner-beasts. They wanted kids to play with the cute demons and vigilantes, and this created inconsistency and laugh out loud movie sequences.

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