Copyright: The Civil War that Prevents Civil War

Copyrights offer a shield cast by the law that allow creators to protect their ideas. If others feel like stealing an idea, then the one with the copyright and subsequent licensing for said idea is in for a huge payday. Names, phrases, slogans, recipes, and even characters are subject to copyright law.

With the formalities out-of-the-way, let’s ponder the idea of a rumor thrown out in my last Science class. One of my students raised his hand and inquired about the Avengers. “Teacher, do you know about their next movie?” Alex asked after I had told him I knew who the Avengers were.

He then went on to announce to the class that Spider-Man would be in the next Avengers film, and that he would make a cameo at the end. This sent my Science class, who were evidently not doing their worksheet on combustion and other forms of energy, into a frenzied debate. I told the students to calm down and I reassured Alex that Spider-Man would not show up in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.

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