There's One PS4 Title That Supports Mouse And Keyboard Gameplay

War Thunder on the PS4 will support mouse and keyboard gameplay.

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KrisButtar1651d ago

That answers a few questions people had about mouse and keyboard support.

I was confused about this part
"War Thunder will also support the PlayStation Eye camera, which will feature head-tracking, letting you change the viewpoint in the game by just turning your face."

So you turn your head to see a different view point onscreen but can't see the different view point because you have your head turned?

C-H-E-F1651d ago

I think it's more-so when you turn your head you can look around in the cockpit (changing view point).

ShinMaster1650d ago

I assume you only have to turn your head slightly, not all the way to one side. You should still be able to keep your eyes on the screen.

hesido1650d ago

It won't be 1:1 but probably something like 4:1 so that you can keep on looking at the screen. It sounds counter-intuitive but it works.

ShinnokDrako1650d ago

Good to know. So once more the key/mouse support has to be implemented by the programmers. Someone said the PS4 couldn't do that, but it seemed impossible to me.... about all the console can do it if the software has key/mouse mapped.

RevXM1650d ago


Great to hear it'll be up to the developers to support, a few ps3 games have mouse and keyboard functionality or even full support!
MGS4 and LBP had some things you could do with mouse and key and Unreal Tournament 3 flat out supported full use of it.

It was the best news ever when UT3 was revealed because UT is meant to be played with M&K, or it feels that way when youve played all the unreals with M&K for almost ten years.
Couldnt afford a decent computer back then and PS3 version even supports mods and it is so damn easy to apply them in the game! too bad the 3rd person mod stopped working, used a lot of skins (nano suit, Master chief, marcus fenix and Snake) and I also remember some 3rd person ninja mod where you get a light saber. that about all I remember, better play UT again on my ps3 soon and look for mods.

My only question now is, does the PS4 ui support M&K yet?
XMB did and it was very useful for texting or surfing on the web.

iiwii1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Agreed. I bought a Dell Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo for my PS3 when I first got it. I played UT III which supported kb/mouse gameplay. But other than UT III, I used it primarily for typing text conversations and it did make the XMB much nicer to use.

Hmm.. Wonder if the PS4 will support that BT KB/Mouse. I'm going to try it and see.