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Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer feels like a mix between Halo and Call of Duty

Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer, at least in terms of pacing, falls somewhere between Halo and Call of Duty. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

PoSTedUP  +   563d ago
except it looks 800% better, is 900% more badass, and there is no auto aim.
Deltaguy  +   563d ago
this will not in anyway be better then Halo or battlefiled online...sorry it's no where near that great looking gameplay wise..lol and you wonder why titanfall ( a worse looking game graphically ) got all the hype..it looks fun...
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thekhurg  +   563d ago
What are you rambling on about?
thereapersson  +   563d ago
Delta guy, it looks like you just mashed keys on the keyboard and something incoherent came out. Likely another post moderators will let slide, as they seem to arbitrarily choose what trolling behavior they want to allow
UncleGermrod  +   563d ago
That's my main issue with KZ in general...it is much, much more than just a pretty game, but when compared to other big shooters, it just is not as fun (IMO). Not that i haven't enjoyed it or anything, but it just does not quite play as smooth as other games. I am fully willing to bet that if KZ had not been such a graphical powerhouse that the gameplay alone would not carry it. Halo has become so much more popular because most people find it more engrossing and intense than KZ...and to be fair, KZ usually looks better graphically (halo 4 kinda made up some of that graphical diff). Any how, I really do not play either for much more than a month or two past release, as i spend my MP time with CoD.
thereapersson  +   563d ago
@ Germrod

Guerrilla Games reinvented the series with new multiplayer mechanics, a built-from-the-ground-up engine, and helped shape the controller you will be using to be more precise and responsive, and you are going to write off Killzone: Shadowfall simply on the basis of a last-gen sentiment? You play Call of Duty a lot, so I can sort of see why you would adopt that mentality. You are used to a developer that doesn't do anything to improve the feel of their games, and caters to the lowest common denominator.

Please do not take offense to my comment as it is not intended as a personal attack on your preference. I just dislike Call of Duty for many reasons, just as you have a lower opinion of Killzone. I just think you should give Shadowfall a chance before writing it off.
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Gamingcapacity  +   563d ago
KZ3 was awesome to play online and real fun. My only gripe is the lack of weapons and mods.

Even thought the other 4 games mentioned above are all shooters, they ALL play differently and ALL offer different experiences. We should just be glad that we get these different shooters to play.
ufo8mycat  +   563d ago
Sorry but Deltaguy is right

Gameplay > Graphics
abzdine  +   563d ago
actually if you ask anyone who played KZ2 online for somr time they will tell that it's one of the best FPS and fun multiplayer ever made.

I bought BF: BC2 and it bored me to death but the fun and intensity from KZ2 was just too addictive to enjoy any "similar" experience next to.

That's my opinion, and also the opinion of many.
BBBirdistheWord  +   563d ago
"feels like a mix between Halo and Call of Duty"

you know what

That's exactly what I thought when i saw a clip of the multiplayer about a week and a half ago.

I thought 'this looks like Halo! - the shield, the colour, the rocks, the layout of the map'

The sad thing is I didn't dare post it on n4g because I knew I'd get flamed for it.

Yet, here we are.
Looks like I am not the only one that made this observation.
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ZodTheRipper  +   563d ago
How about not comparing games with each other? Killzone is Killzone, it always was awesome in it's own way.
SolidStoner  +   563d ago
I have to admit.. BF has one of the best multiplayer so far.. it has everything I need (except I would better see BF 1942 or Vietnam.. instead they are heading into future, there are way to many games nowdays with that future taste..)

Halo and COD is just way overrated.. they both are milked dry..

and I cant say nothing about KZ.. I never played PS4 and never tried KZ shadow fall multiplayer! I hope it will be badass!
HammadTheBeast  +   562d ago
Killzone 2's multiplayer shits on most MP games out there. It's easily better than CoD's and can compete with BF.

Halo, I'm not going to talk about, it used to be good up to 3, but now it's pretty bad.
come_bom  +   563d ago
"Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer, at least in terms of pacing, falls somewhere between Halo and Call of Duty"

... LOL, the two games that Playstation fanboys hate the most.

EDIT: Actually i don't think Halo or Killzone are anything special. Average games way overhyped by fanboys and gaming media.
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Battlefieldlover  +   563d ago
And xbox fanboys hate killzone... Guess that's why your here?
ShinMaster  +   563d ago
First of all, what are you doing in a PS4 exclusive article?

Second, there is hate for COD from the PC, Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation fanbase. And not caring for Halo is not the same as hate.
imt558  +   563d ago
Quote :

"...While I’m not that familiar with the Killzone franchise and have only played Killzone 3 for very brief periods of time,...."

He doesn't know how Warzone functioning, he doesn't know which class have some abilities, he doesn't know which weapon is the best for some situation. He doesn't know there is no aim-assist or auto-aim. He knows nothing. :-D Well, he didn't played KZ2, so i presume he is a player for fast-paced shooters.
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AndrewLB  +   563d ago
It seems Sony is still using those same images from E3 that look far better than the finished product. Anyone else notice the over-use of depth of field and fog? It looks to me that Sony has added these in order to reduce LOD so they can claim 1080p. All you have to do is look at the view distance in the most recent screenshots of Killzone. Add fog + reduce view by half = higher frame rates.
Hicken  +   563d ago
... I guess it never occurred to you that the images chosen were at the article's discretion, not Sony's.
Battlefieldlover  +   563d ago
Lol, u so jelly.
isa_scout  +   563d ago
Try downloading the ultrahigh bitrate video off Killzone.com It is absolutely beautiful. Sony doesn't have to hide a thing as Guerilla always pushes out amazing graphics.
DARK WITNESS  +   563d ago
depending what and what it's taken from halo and Cod, it could be a very good thing or a very bad thing. Not long before I get to find out for myself.
Detoxx  +   563d ago
It just looks better, THAT'S IT.
IHassounah  +   563d ago
Wait a minute , I didn't know that Halo got auto-aim ?
Muffins1223  +   562d ago
When has killzone had a better multiplayer than halo?Come on you know your just bullshitting yourself with that statement.
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The_Infected  +   563d ago
Sounds like it will play very well then. I could never play Killzone 2 or 3 online because I hate 30fps and floaty controls. Now that's outta the way I'm ready!!
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Kinger8938  +   563d ago
I agree to an extent, i didnt mind the weighty feel but yea going back to kz3 now the frame rate can be pretty bad. Also i always found it really noisy lol weird thing to moan about but just when you die and everyones crawling around making noise, just irritated me! Does this game still have the downed system where you can be revived?

Also kz3 lacked game modes so hopefully all these options in this game will add to this
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DARK WITNESS  +   563d ago
till today I still don't get how some killzone fans pass off a visible delay (imputlag) as a weighty feel to killzone controls.

Battlefield has a sense of weight to it, yet no problems with control delays. I didn't play killzone 3 but I owned killzone 2 and I tried very hard to play a lot of that game but in the end I just could not get into it because of the delay.

everyone kept making out like it's normal, but it's the only game I have played that I can think of that has artificial imputlag passed off as "weighty feel".

I hope SF, does not have the same feel to the controls because that would instantly put me off it. other then that i am looking forward to trying it out.
spektical  +   562d ago
what delay are you talking about? lol. I've played BF, KZ,COD, and a range of other FPS games, and by far Killzone had the most weight, you felt it on the character. I can't think of any other game that has made that sort of connection.
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DARK WITNESS  +   562d ago
exactly my point.

if you played kz2 right from it's launch then you will know what I am talking about. You will also know that they patched it.

If you started playing it later on after the patch then of course you will not know what I am talking about at all.

Or you could just be one of those people I am talking who thought imputlag = weighty feel.

it was a big issue at the time, just google it.
thereapersson  +   563d ago
Floaty =/= weighty
imt558  +   563d ago
KZ : SF has a almost the same weight feel like KZ2.
ovnipc  +   563d ago
Can any one confirm this?
NateCole  +   563d ago
Floaty controls?.

I don't know which KZ game you played because KZ does not have floaty controls.
RTheRebel  +   563d ago
Ill wait for the reviews on this one, not wasting money like a did the piece of shit that was Killzone 3.
Ashby_JC  +   563d ago
how dare you!!!! /s
RTheRebel  +   563d ago
Game was a piece of krap.
Killzone 2 on the other hand was my 2nd favorite Shooter this gen, but Sony Drones will dislike everything if it isn't Sony Is Awesome @_@
ufo8mycat  +   563d ago
YOu must not play many shooters TheRebel

Bioshock Infinite
Far Cry 3

THese were all faaaaaaaaaaaar superior shooters
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HammadTheBeast  +   562d ago
lol no. Bioshock Infinite was bad in gameplay terms, Killzone 2 had the best multiplayer of its time.
purp13m0nk3y  +   562d ago
Farcry 3 was a repetitive POS. Get past the flashy graphics and it got old real quick.

Bioshock on the other hand. Gold!

Got to admt though. I really enjoyed KZ2 MP. Was a lot of fun. KZ3 was a bit hit and miss for me. I actually had heaps more fun with the MP free beta than I did with the retail version lol.
TheFallenAngel  +   562d ago
Actually it was the other way around with me. I hated killedzone 2 but I liked killzone 3. Shadow fall looks way better gameplay wise, hopefully it will be.
Ashby_JC  +   562d ago
I was messing with you on my first comment. But pretty much I never played 1 or 3 for Killzone. Played #2. It wasnt bad but also not as great as some make it.

It comes down to preference. I prefer larger scale action like MAG or Battlefield series.
cycofoo831  +   563d ago
Oh well... Targets got the buy two get one free. Bf4/ghosts/kzsf
HolyDuck  +   563d ago
So your PS4 launch is going to consist of 3 FPS's.

To each their own I guess, enjoy it.
Crossbones  +   563d ago
O_o I'll be the judge rather than listening to what somebody says.
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Sarobi  +   563d ago
Strangely.. I like the sound of that.
HugoBau5   563d ago | Spam
martinezjesus1993  +   563d ago
I thought the same thing everytime I saw the videos, idk why I just did. Loved playing Halo on the school computers with all my friends whenever the teacher wasn't in the room (he was in his office A LOT) Put in A LOT of hours into COD4 and MW2 (got over it after that) and KZ2 multiplayer was AMAZING! Unfortunately none of my friends had it.. I convinced them all to get this at launch tho! I can't wait!!

Offtopic: I am really on fence between getting a Vita or Xbox One this holiday season, "for my brother" so I need to know if remote play works while playing online, like KZ:Sf multiplayer, or does it just work on single player?? I am in no way comparing the two, I just need to know if it does work that way, i can't buy both unfortunately, not at this time.
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Pillsbury1  +   563d ago
Remote play works with every part of the game, get a vita you won't regret it ;)

And you will be getting free games for it with ps plus.
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martinezjesus1993  +   563d ago
Thanks man :) I've had ps plus since it launched so I have so many vita games on there, so that is a BIG plus, but I am a gamer, and I want an Xbox One also. I recently got a job at the Microsoft store that is going to open here in Vegas soon so I would be getting some sort of discount on it according to the manager xD If remote play does work on all aspects of the game then, its a high chance ill be getting a Vita "for my brother" for Xmas :)
No_Limit  +   563d ago
I will judge for myself this Friday as Greatness is just 4 days away.
Hicken  +   563d ago
"While I’m not that familiar with the Killzone franchise and have only played Killzone 3 for very brief periods of time, I feel like Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer is a vast improvement over what I experienced with the series’ predecessors."

He played very little of one game, but knows Shadow Fall is a vast improvement over both...?

"Its controls no longer feel floaty"

Couldn't have been playing Killzone...

"Through the game’s Call of Duty-like loadout system, players can select different abilities and starting weapons."

He means Killzone-like system?

"Killzone: Shadow Fall is arguably Sony’s system selling Halo-like first-person shooter."

But the only way it's ever been like Halo is its futuristic, sci-fi setting.

I feel like I read an article by this guy before about Killzone. He was as clueless then as he is now. I don't get it: how can you make claims and have them so off. And what kind of Halo matches was he playing where they moved slower than Killzone?
HammadTheBeast  +   562d ago
He didn't play Killzone 2, so his opinion is irrelevant.
Fishy Fingers  +   563d ago
In terms of pacing so does pretty much every FPS. COD being face paced and Halo slow.

Either way looks the most enjoyable KZ yet, gameplay and graphics wise.
mayberry  +   563d ago
Killzone is BOSS! cannot wait!
In other words it's just another generic shooter. Shooters are so last gen.
KrisButtar  +   563d ago
Killzone looks stunning but I won't be getting it. There is two of us in my household and every FPS(her fav genre) needs to have split screen. If not she don't buy them. She only wants to play local multiplayer games but I also playing single player games that are not FPS.

Edit: spelling
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mhunterjr  +   563d ago
Ughg, seeing through walls is over powered in multiplayer games. I hope they balance it better that 343 did with Halo 4
Maxor  +   563d ago
Amazon is shipping this game to me tomorrow, it would totally suck to have this game at home with no PS4 to play with. Hurry up Greatness, I'm tired of waiting.
thereapersson  +   563d ago
I think you should only be able to ping enemies so you see their last-known locations. It would give you an approximation as to where they are, but if they are moving you wouldn't know where they are going to be next. You would have the ability to at least know how many foes are in the area, and it would eliminate campers because campers stay in a static location and would be found out with little trouble. Snipers should have the ability to mask their location with a jamming device, so as not to negate the strangths of choosing a sniper class.

There should also be a cooldown of 10 seconds or so between uses, so users just can't spam it constantly to refresh the location of opponents.
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KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   563d ago
Ive watched tons of gameplay on this game on YouTube and the truth is from the looks,bdoesn't even come close to cod or even halo multiplayer wise. It's just another Killzone if you ask me "boring". Cod,bf,halo series always been and forever Will be better point blank.. Titanfall and destiny will also be, Killzone went from 4th best shooter to #6.

Only good thing about Killzone are them graphics I must admit looks beautiful.
It's a reason why they said it feels like a cod/halo. Never hear this, "new cod/halo/bf feels a lot like Killzone and it's a real reason for that".
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isa_scout  +   562d ago
I disagree. I have always loved the Killzone series and it's gameplay because it is unique. I used to love the Battlefield series, but after playing BF4 I just feel like the more it tries to compete with COD the more it actually becomes COD, especially in its campaign.Just my opinion.
I actaully agree with Halo being the better series though. With the exception of ODST and Reach as I def thought those were very weak entries in the franchise. Right now the Killzone series is my 2nd fave FPS franchise behind Halo. Although, after seeing Destiny and how amazing it looks, Halo and Killzone may be moving down a peg to make way for a new FPS king.
AD705  +   562d ago
BF4 was pretty good. The problem is that the game was really not that much different from the last one. If you played battlefield 3 you already played battlefield 4.

Destiny is one to look out for. I think that game will surprise us all. Same with titanfall.
felidae  +   563d ago
that's sad. i always loved the heavy controls and dirty atmoshphere ...
Angerfist  +   563d ago
this would be a good thing.
Relientk77  +   562d ago
That sounds awesome
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   562d ago
I'm glad the guy previewing this is an idiot or I might actually he worried that shadowfall takes too many elements from those ges and becomes another kz3.... Buuuuuuut it's all good both bf4 and cod have fallen way short of the hype and turned out meh. Shadowfall really don't have to do anything spectacular to run away with the fps crown this year it just needs to be a stable fun game
Obscure_Observer  +   562d ago
I like this Killzone better. It has a beautiful living breathing world. Some problems remains though.

I don´t like the idea that Killzone doesn´t have a flagship hero. I can´t stand Hellgeshs on the cover of every Killzone like they are this important. I mean, come on. Where´s my heroes?

Killzone was supposed to be a Halo Killer after all.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   562d ago
U serious?

The helghast are probably the more important faction in Killzone you clearly must not be into the deep story Killzone offers
TheFallenAngel  +   562d ago
Its not supposed to be a halo killer. CoD 4 killed halo in 2007. I wish they would make a story where you play as helghast.
Obscure_Observer  +   562d ago

I´m sorry. I know that Helghash was important. WAS important. To me, not anymore. Since Killzone: SF is all new, i was hopping to Guerrilla would come up with new threats as well.

Same goes to Halo 4, i was certain that after the events of the Halo 3, they also would come up with something new. But no. In Halo 4 the Covenant shows up as enemy. Again.


What? It was Guerrilla who say that. Back in 2004 when the original Killzone was released.
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purp13m0nk3y  +   562d ago
I'm hoping for a killer SP story this time round. Gameplay wise the SP is shaping up nicely!

MP looks the goods so far. What's the story with split screen? My mates and I always like 2v2 (4 players, two per console, 2 tv's, local lan).

This is how we always rock Halo, COD, KZ2 ect. 4 mates, beers, pizza. Way better than going online IMO. Trash talk FTW lol
Sadist3  +   562d ago
Exactly the reason why I'm not touching multiplayer...because there's a game called Battlefield 4 that makes this game look out of date in the multiplayer department.
sigfredod  +   562d ago
Killzone next gen console start next week, look the level of detail on this game, the gloves, the pin from the grenade, OMG

Related image(s)
InTheLab  +   562d ago
So Halo/CoD can borrow gameplay from other games and no one ever says, "that's like Battlefield or Killzone". But let Killzone have a loadout or team death match and suddenly it's CoD...lol. This dude even said the trees in Killzone remind him of Halo.

I remember people talking about the chain stealth kills in KZ SF that were borrowed from Farcry 3 but no one said anything about the brutal melee in FC3 that came from Killzone 3.
xxxsiegezzz  +   562d ago
cod:ghosts<shadow fall<bf4
ipach  +   562d ago
That's funny. I could've sworn they said the same thing about Resistance: Fall of Man when the PS3 launched... It's too bad that franchise didn't sell better... Insomniac deserved better. And now they're stuck trying to make an X1 exclusive that probably can't run better than 720p/20...
Xenomorph  +   562d ago
Seems to me like its like KILLZONE.

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