We Need A New Metroid Game

Nintendo has created some of the best games, iconic franchises, and even memorable characters in gaming history. As we look out into the future there is a very noticeable gap in Nintendo’s current gaming lineup. This gap includes one of the most iconic characters in Nintendo’s arsenal, Samus Aran. Nintendo needs to bring Samus back and give Metroid a new game.

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Snookies121620d ago

We also need a new StarFox, and a new F-Zero.

BullyMangler1620d ago

yes . a game with Samus and Joanna DArk . oh my

Inception1620d ago

Playing Metroid: Fusion right now and i need one like this on 3DS.

1620d ago
muttsurini1620d ago

It's about time, stop focusing on 2 mario's every year.

wheresmymonkey1620d ago

I think they were trying to get Mario out the way. Miamoto keeps talking about making a new ip, so it's coming.

in the meantime i'd reccommend giving Wonderful 101 a whirl. It's like Viewtiful Joe crossed with Okami and Pikmin with some very Star foxy flying levels thrown in for good measure towards the end.

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