Ryse: Son of Rome Combat Questions

"Will the sword combat get stale? Visuals are only going to take us so far. With this character having just one main weapon, it leaves room for concern." KJ of Play Legit writes

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Bigpappy1713d ago

who is asking these questions is this a Sony site

from the beach1712d ago

It doesn't appear to be a Sony site.. would be really cheeky if it was!

obliteratorFTW1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

So anybody who says something negative about x1 and it's games is automatically a psfanboy. Nice. Well, guess what, you are about to see many ps fanboys then when ryse reviews comes in the wild.

Mike134nl1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Will the combat get stale is one of the questions a lot of people have been asking so it is a valid question. Even if the devs remarked that they still find it fun to play to after multiple playthroughs. It appears that for the most part is seems fun to play for an hour but it seems only devs have played for more than an hour. So previewers/reviewers haven't been able to answer this question yet.

Crytek tried to answer some concerns of this by showcasing tactics/strategy and exp tree in one of their streams and saying that:
There there will be more enemies than currently shown.
Difficulty level will be adapt to player skill.
They consulted some experienced industry members on combat here against advice they will follow a slightly different approach from the 'conga line' allowing on higher difficulties for multiple enemy attacks at once.

Mkai281712d ago

No, I know this guy. Actually two of them on this site plays the 360 more.. He just doesn't want to come off being you know what.. Gamers should have concerns weather there choice is an xbox or ps.

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trywizardo1713d ago

the questions about other weapons is good ,but the one about the sword getting stale !!! da fuq is wrong with this guy
i know trolling is a thing these days but tardation isn't ...

GuruMeditation1712d ago

Retardation has always been a thing. Trolling has only been a thing for about 25 years. This site seems to display neither. 'Da fuq'? Not much, it seems.

NYC_Gamer1712d ago

The combat reminds me of a mix between Assassin Creed & Batman

Fishy Fingers1712d ago

I'm more interested in variety, not just in combat but enemy. Most hack and slash games feature mythological creatures or something, with Ryse sticking to "realism" how will they keep me surprised by what's coming round the next corner.

It's the same questions that surround everything Crytek, can the gameplay keep up with the graphics? From what I've seen/read it doesn't seem to buck the trend.

GmIsOnPt3601712d ago

I watched a video posted by someone who got few hours hands on and he said their are bosses and sub bosses which i was excited about. I do agree with you, they have to have lots of enemy types. not just small guys, medium, big , and bigger. Have to vary it up.. this game reminds me of the batman combat but batman games had gadgets to help the free flow from getting bored, this is sword and shield only so its probably going to get repetitve if not done perfectly. I cant wait to play it though, people who hated on it so harshly are praising it after have more play time